Wash and Care Instructions

Washing and caring for your cloth diapers is not as hard as it's often touted to be. 


How to Prep your Mother-ease Diapers

The first initial wash is an important one - be sure to do it properly! Click here

A Simple Wash Routine for Cloth Diapers

When washing cloth diapers you will follow the same process as your regular clothing – there’s nothing magic or mysterious about caring for cloth diapers as long has you have a good routine and a good detergent. Click here to learn more. Click here

Bedwetter Pant - Care Guide:

Your Bedwetter Pant is so very absorbent and needs to be cared for properly in order to keep it clean and smelling fresh! Be sure to follow the Bedwetter washing instructions here

Complete Care Guide

Learn how to Wash your cloth diapers and covers, Storage Methods between wash day, Detergent Recommendations, Helpful Notes and Hints, our Detergent Disclaimer and more! Click here

How to Sanitize your Diapers

There are a number of different reasons why you may choose to sanitize your cloth diapers – be sure to follow the Mother-ease approved method! Click here