Diaper Pail

Our odor-free diaper pail is the best and most eco-friendly diaper pail on the market today!


Made from durable, recycled plastic!

Its natural odor control system uses a carbon filter and basic airflow. Odors are eliminated by absorption through the carbon filter and are not artificially masked. This odor control system helps ensure diapers do not mold or create unwanted moisture within the pail. The filter is positioned on the lid, which snaps down and is secured by side handles. The diaper pail is ergonomically designed and is easy to seal, carry and empty. While blending well with nursery environments, our diaper pail is also ideal for diaper services. 

Do you have a front-loading washing machine?

Our breathable Mesh Liner bag slides over the top of the diaper pail for a perfect fit. Once your pail is full, simply toss the mesh bag into the front of your washing machine for the diapers to work their way out during the wash cycle.

Any diaper trapped inside the mesh bag still comes out clean as the holes are large enough for the wash water to effectively clean and rinse out!