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Wizard Uno All in One Cloth Diapers

The All-in-One cloth diaper that everyone is talking about!

The Wizard Uno is the leader in All-in-One cloth diapers - simple, trim fitting, absorbent and leak-free!

Comes in two sizes:

Newborn (6-12 lbs) & One size (7-35 lbs)

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The Wizard Uno is a favorite among parents because of its ease of use and excellent containment. The Uno is ideal for on-the-go changes, grandma's house, or daycare!

The Wizard Uno is without a doubt the easiest cloth diaper to use and looks adorable on the bum, all while not compromising the containment that you would expect a cloth diaper to provide.

What customers are saying:

"First time cloth diaper user - using the WIzard Unos. The all-in-one diapers are SO easy to use and to clean. Very happy with my Mother-ease cloth diapers, they came highly recommended and I am very happy with my purchase."

"Love our Wizard Uno diapers! Can't get over how easy to use they are. Never a leak, so easy to clean and so quick to dry!"

"The Mother-ease Wizard Unos are the only nappies I can 100% trust not to leak! The stay dry fabric is amazing! Not only are they beautiful prints but they wash amazingly and dry very quickly. I love my Uno stash and can't wait to add new prints!"

Wizard Uno newborn and OS diapers displaying the features available

Uno Features:

Leak-free Reliability - two separate lines of elastic in each leg – 1st on the Absorbent Diaper and 2nd on the Cover, creating twice the leakage protection!

Extra Absorbency (for night and nap time use) is easily inserted between the Absorbent Diaper and Cover and auto ejects in the wash, eliminating the need to unstuff them!

Extra Breathable – the most breathable AIO as the cover is cut larger than the absorbent diaper, creating an air pocket (and some much-needed air circulation) for that little tush.

EasyCare material separation allows for enhanced hygienic washability and quicker drying! As the two layers separate in your washing machine, wash water flows easily between the cover and absorbent diaper and extracts more water during the spin cycle!

Inner Fabric - available in Stay Dry for the utmost dry comfort or Natural Cotton for a natural feel.

NEW Design - Now Available