Snap In Absorbent Liners™


The Snap In Absorbent Liners™ provides excellent additional absorbency inside your One Size fitted diapers!

Made from three layers of absorbency, sewn together and snap inside our One Size fitted diapers to provide extra absorbency for night and nap time.

Our Snap In Absorbent Liners™ are available in Natural Cotton, and Stay Dry on Cotton 

Natural Cotton - providing a durable fabric option that is quick to absorb

Stay Dry on Cotton - our famous Stay Dry fabric (100% polyester) sewn on top of our Natural Cotton to provide a comfortable stay dry feel and great absorbency

These liners provide an extra 200 ml ( 7 oz. ) and are sized: 5 1/2” x 14”

Sold in packages of 2.