Laundry Magic 1 L


Use Laundry Magic as a spot stain remover to tackle the toughest stains on all your fabrics. Simply squeeze some onto the stained garment and rub together before tossing into the wash.

Laundry Magic can also be added into your wash with your detergent as a detergent booster. This boosts the cleaning and stain removing strength of the detergent.

When used as a booster, the dosage is as follows:

Add 15 ml (1/2 oz) to detergent for lightly soiled laundry
Add 22 ml (3/4 oz) to detergent for medium soiled laundry
Add 30 ml (1 oz) to detergent for heavily soiled laundry (cloth diapers)

This product has a natural banana scent when using but completely washes out of clothing leaving no scent behind.

Contains amongst other ingredients: 15-30% Decyl Glucoside; 5-15% Amyl Acetate; <5% Sodium Xylenesulphonate and 2-Methyl-2, 4-Pentanediol

Laundry Magic does not contain any enzymes.

When using Laundry Magic with Country Breeze Laundry Detergent (available separately or in The Ultimate Laundry Trio with Country Breeze Fabric Softener) for washing cloth diapers, we recommend using the full amount of both products for heavily soiled laundry.

Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews
Tara Czapla
Got out ink!

I purchased this magical liquid to be in my arsenal to protect my investment of cloth diapers and also just to have around for general household laundry. My fifteen year old son is obsessed with white clothing (against my motherly advice). He got an ink pen stain on his new Hilfidger shirt the first day her wore it and I rubbed on this magic and it washed out perfectly!!

Lindsay O'Leary
Best Stain Remover Ever!

This is hands down the best stain remover I've ever used. With 2 rough and tumble boys, I deal with a lot of dirt and grime...I don't do their laundry without it!

Monica S.
Laundry miracle

I have used Laundry miracle since my children were little and was so upset when our local grocery store stopped carrying it, so to say the least I was so excited to be able to purchase it on line through mother ease!
This product is truly a miracle in the laundry department from my children’s clothing to my husbands work clothes it’s amazing

Best stain remover ever!

This product is suitable for all washable clothing. I have been using it for for over 25 years.

Céline D.
Laundry Miracle

J'adore ce produit tout simplement. Il est hyper efficace pour les tâches tenaces....comme du rouge à lèvres rouge oublié dans la poche de jeans de son ado!!!!