Wizard Duo Inserts - 1.0 (older version)


These are version one (we're now on version 3) of the Wizard Duo Inserts.

The difference between Wizard Duo Inserts - 1.0 and Wizard Duo Fitted Inserts: 

1) The tag is on the inside - against the child (this can be removed).

2) The backside of the Duo Insert is a smooth fabric, rather than having the Terry fabric on both sides.

3) STAY DRY ONLY - These inserts are made with our original Stay Dry fabric, which has a bit different of a feel, but still provides the same functions as our current Stay Dry fabric. 100% Polyester. 

None of these differences affects the performance of the insert. This is just an older version.

How it Works:

The Duo Fitted Insert snaps inside the Duo Cover. Once complete, your All-in-Two cloth diaper is ready to be used on your baby.

When the Duo Fitted Insert becomes wet or soiled, simply unsnap from the Duo Cover and replace with a clean one, reusing your waterproof Cover 3-4 times before having to launder.


  • Fully Elastizied - elastic is sewn around the entire Insert, creating your first line of defense against leaks!
  • Wide Coverage - the Duo Fitted Insert is sized to cover the entire Duo Cover, ensuring that only the Insert fabric will sit against your babies delicate skin.
  • Snaps - Secured inside the Duo Cover with 6 snaps, keeping the Duo Fitted Insert in place and spread apart - stopping any bunching and keeping your cover clean to reuse again and again!

Fabric Options:

Available in two natural fabric options (Unbleached Cotton and Bamboo Terry) and our 100% polyester fabric options: Stay Dry and Stay Dry Night Time. Read more about these options under the FABRICS tab.

Duo Insert Size Fits into: Absorbency
One Size  10-35 lbs One Size Duo Cover
Small Duo Cover
Large Duo Cover
Unbleached Cotton - 11.5 oz  (340 ml)
Bamboo Terry -  11.5 oz  (340 ml)
Stay Dry - 15 oz  (425 ml)
Newborn  6-12 lbs  XSmall Duo Cover
Small Duo Cover
Unbleached Cotton - 7.5 oz  (225 ml)
Bamboo Terry -  7.5 oz  (225 ml) 
Stay Dry - 10 oz  (300 ml)
Small  8-18 lbs

Small Duo Cover
XSmall Duo Cover
One Size Duo Cover

Unbleached Cotton - 10 oz  (300 ml)
Bamboo Terry - 10 oz  (300 ml)
Stay Dry - 12 oz  (350 ml)
XLarge  35-45 lbs XLg Duo Cover

Unbleached Cotton - 12.5 oz (375 ml)
Bamboo Terry -  12.5 oz (375 ml)

Stay Dry -  15.5 oz (450 ml)