Small Rikki Wrap (8-12 lbs)


The Small Rikki Wrap is a hook and loop (Velcro) gusseted fitted diaper cover that fits snug over our Sandy's fitted and One Size fitted cloth diapers.

Designed to gently hug your baby and create a leak-free barrier between your babies cloth diaper and clothing!

A lightweight, breathable and waterproof wrap and available in 5 sizes with many different prints and colours to choose from.

The Rikki Wrap also functions well with flats, prefolds and pinless diapers.

New Mother-ease Fashionables fabric has a softer, silkier feel more like a piece of clothing than a diaper cover! New fabric, same excellent quality and performance!

PUL Style

Fashionables (thinner) PUL print/color options: White, Cranberry, Navy, Mustard, Foxy, Flight, Bee Kind, Sunshine, Evergreen, Whale Song, Young at Art, Whiz Kid, Wild One, Ocean Life, Orchard, Tweet, Earth Day, Pine, Dino, Dream, Adventure Awaits.

Classic (thicker) PUL print/color options: Oceans, Savanna, Wetlands, Rainforest, Coral Reef, Yellow Sundance, Orange Sunset, Teal Tidewater, Blue Raindrop, Seafoam Green, Wood Violet.

Customer Reviews

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Rikki Wrap

I like the ease of Velcro but the fit isnt right for us. We use origami folded flats with a cover and I thought I would try the rikki. Great leg openings but too much room in the bum area. I still use it in rotation maybe it will be better when she’s older...

Thank you for your review of our Rikki Wraps

While our Rikki is our slimmer cut cover, it is designed to fit over a fitted diaper, which are bulkier than a flat depending on the fold used and is the reason you find it a bit roomy in the bum. However, as long as the legs and waist fit well with no gaps, the wrap will work wonderfully – and you’ll have extra room for a booster if needed for naps/nighttime!

Thanks for such reliable nappy wraps

Brilliant, love these wraps

Practical, cute, good leak protection

I have used different brands of cloth diaper covers, and these are my favorite. The velcro makes them fast to put on squirmy babies. The velcro bands are nice and wide for good adhesion. It's better than fussing with snap closures. They are really water proof. I've had brands where the pee condensation seems to make the exterior fabric moist. Not with these. These are good for preventing side leakage, although that can happen with any diaper cover. They do get "perma stink" after a couple of years, but again, I think that's any cover. We are not diligent about fastening the velcro before washing, so the velcro does get less sticky. That being said, the stickiness is good for at least 2-3 years, even with negligence...haha. The patterns on the covers are also really cute. I highly recommend this product.

No leaks but leaves red marks

I really wanted to love these diapers especially since they are made in Canada. They are super absorbent and I've never had a leak like other cloth brands I've tried but I stopped using them because the edges of these covers leave red marks on my baby's thighs. The edges got really rough even though I always did the velcro up for in the wash.

Diaper cover

I have tried a lot of diaper covers and these are the only ones that do not leak overnight. I would have liked snap closures over the Velcro but that's my only recommendation. Otherwise I would definitely buy these again.