One Size™ Diaper - 24 Package


Our One Size™ 24 Diaper Package is perfect for parents looking to cloth diaper full time!

With a sufficient quantity of cloth diapers, parents can comfortably cloth diaper full time - running full wash loads while still having enough on hand for when your little one needs another change!

The One Size™ Diaper adjusts from 8 to 35 lbs and uses our Air Flow snap cover to provide a leak-free diapering system. The Snap in Absorbent Liner is used to "boost" the absorbency of the diaper for night and nap time after 6 months of age.

This package includes:

The diapers and absorbent liners in this package are available in two popular eco-friendly environmental fabrics.

The One Size Fitted Diaper was our very FIRST cloth diaper we set to manufacture - creating the first and most popular diaper that adjusts to grow with your child until potty training age!

The generous design allows plenty of room for growth while using gentle elastics around the waist and legs to ensure a comfortable leak-free fit.

Time tested, and with only one size needed the One Size Fitted Diaper offers you the very best value.

The Snap in Absorbent Liner provides excellent additional absorbency inside your One Size™ fitted diapers!

Made from three layers of absorbency, sewn together and snap inside our One Size fitted diapers to provide extra absorbency for night and nap time.

The Air Flow Cover is a lightweight, breathable waterproof fitted diaper cover. Available in 5 sizes, the Air Flow fits over top of our One Size and Sandy's fitted diapers.

The Air Flow Cover features adjustable snaps at both the waist and legs for a secure, tamper-proof fit. Gaps between the snap closures increase air flow, which helps regulate the temperature inside the diaper!

Learn how to adjust the One Size Diaper here: Folding Instructions


Newborn + Small sizes Medium + sizes
[snaps towards waist front design]
[snaps towards waist back design]



Fitted Diapers require the use of a waterproof diaper cover. Mother-ease recommends using the Air Flow (snap) or Rikki Wrap (Velcro) Covers to be worn over top, creating a leak-free diapering system.

Customer Reviews

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One Size Diapers with Snap Covers

We tried a number of different cloth diapers and even disposable these are the ONLY ones that have never leaked! I highly recommend them.

Deidre Herman
Great package

We ordered this package and it's been perfect! The diapers fit great! They are soft and absorbent. They wash up well and don't seem to stain. We use the diaper sprayer and was in hot water. Our son wears one all night at 5 months and has no leaks nor does he have any leaks during the day. I also recommend getting the wipes. We ordered 20. We have 24 diapers and 20 wipes, it seems to be perfect for us. We wash every other day. We are very happy with these diapers!

Lasted through three children!

I purchased a Complete Motherease one size package in unbleached cotton terry ten years ago for my first child. My husband and I thought it was a great savings over disposables, plus I care tremendously about how our choices affect the environment. Imagine my surprise when my set still looked great for baby #2! And FURTHER, they STILL had some years to go with baby #3!!! I cannot tell you how happy I have been with Motherease diapers and other products (I have used the same set of ME nursing pads for these three children as well). Of course, I've come back to Motherease for baby #4, but we finally needed a new set. :) Now that is what I call reliability!