Sandy's™ Diaper


The Sandy's Fitted Diaper is world-famous for its great absorbency, leak-proof design and ease of washing!

Two fabric options:

Available in Natural Cotton Terry for comfort and a great fit with a full set of elastics, around the waist and both legs. Finished with a serged design.

NEW - available with a Stay Dry inner! Stay Dry on Cotton features our well-known Natural Cotton Terry Sandy's fitted diaper, finished with our popular Stay Dry fabric inside to keep baby feeling comfortable especially for naps and night time!  Available in newborn, small and large and Toddle-ease.


  • 3 Sizes: Newborn, Small, Large
  • Natural fabric option
  • Stay Dry on Cotton - natural cotton with a Stay Dry lining 
  • The MOST absorbent fitted diaper available
  • Gentle elastics around the waist + legs
  • Lifetime warranty on the Snaps + Elastic
  • 1 Year manufacturing warranty

Combine the Sandy's Fitted Diaper with our Air Flow Cover for a complete leak-free diapering system all day long! For nights, Add one Sandy's Absorbent Liner to boost your absorbency for 12+ hours!

Size Weight Range Absorbency Absorbent Liner
Newborn 6 - 12 lbs 300 ml   (10 oz) N/A
Small 8 - 20 lbs 350 ml   (12 oz) Small Sandy's Liner
Large 20 - 35 lbs 450 ml   (15 oz) Large Sandy's Liner

Note: Fitted Diapers require the use of a waterproof diaper cover. Mother-ease recommends using the Air Flow (snap) or Rikki Wrap (Velcro) Covers to be worn over top, creating a leak-free diapering system.

Customer Reviews

Based on 53 reviews

When the diaper service I was using shut down, I decided to buy my own cloth diapers. I got a couple different types, including Sandy's Diaper. Sandy's Diapers are better than both the other brand I tried and the diapers provided by the diaper service. They are a little bulky when your baby is on the lower end of the weight range, but it's worth it because they are very absorbent. They manage to contain my baby's rather large messes, which is something the other diapers failed to do. I will be purchasing more!


These are super adorable! But they a tad bit bulky. I love how soft these are on my little ones bum. They also dry super fast unlike my all in ones.

Best overall

I use the Sandy’s fitted (with a wool cover) for nighttime diapering and I am so thankful I stumbled upon this diaper! After trying a few brands: Sloomb, AMP, and Thirsties, the Sandy’s surpassed them all in overall fit and - without my 5 mo old actually telling me - comfort! I bulk up my nighttime diaper with a cotton liner and hemp booster and the Sandy’s still hugs my little one’s thighs just right (preventing leaks).
I have yet to try this diaper as a “pull on” but I’m happy for the option as I can already tell I’m going to need a quick way to diaper up with baby on the move. I’ve now purchased enough of the Sandy’s to use exclusively for the next stage in growth. Being a Canadian company is a definite bonus and customer service is quick and kind :) Highly recommended!!

Lauren Paterson
Never fails

I have been using the Sandy's fitted diaper since my LO was a few months old and she is now almost 2. We have loved them. Never any leakage or blowouts. She is comfortable in them. Wash and dry well. Excellent for keeping waste down and saving yourself money over the long haul. I just purchased more to replace used ones I purchased that has since worn out. I plan on using these until i am done having children. Bonus point: Canadian company

Switching all my diapers to Sandy's

I have two and a half year old twins and an almost 4 month old. I received my original stash of Sandy's as part of a used cloth diaper lot. I was so impressed with them that I went out and got the larger size as soon as they outgrew the small ones. We tried various other types of diapers and diaper setups, but these are honestly the only diapers I have ever used that do not leak, and that is coming from someone with heavy wetters! My guys have lasted 2-3.5 hours per diaper. Now that my youngest is using the small size, I've decided to sell all my other diapers and go strictly with Sandy's and Air Flow covers. I cannot find enough good things to say about Mother-ease and Sandy's. We love these!