One Size Wizard Uno (7-35 lbs) - Stay Dry


The Wizard Uno is the leader in All in One cloth diapers – simple, trim fitting, absorbent and leak-free!

Offered in both Newborn and One Size, you can be sure that your cloth diapers will be comfortable and 100% leak-free!

Using only the best design and materials, the Wizard Uno provides excellent absorbency, a great fit and a comfortable dry feel.


  • High tech Stay Dry fabric - keeping baby dry and comfortable
  • Available in Newborn and One Size
  • Three across rise snaps
  • Excellent Absorbency
  • EasyCare Technology - ease of washing and quick drying
  • Day Care friendly
  • Inner and Outer Leakage Protection - two separate elastics, creating two lines of defense across the legs + a full waist elastic
  • Lifetime Warranty on Elastics and Snaps
  • 1 Year warranty on manufacturing

The Wizard Uno, All in One Cloth Diaper is all that you need. A one-step cloth diapering system - just snap and go!

For nights and naps, add one Wizard Booster between the absorbent core and waterproof cover for 12+ hours of leak-free cloth diapering!

Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Pricey but worth it

We have a few different brands ( cheaper price), and they do not compare. These are always the first ones I reach for. Never any issues with leaks. I wish our entire stash were these ones.

Excellent Quality!!!

I bought several reputable brands from the US (where I reside) when I decided to convert to cloth diapering. I bought an all in one and a wizard duo cover plus 10 snap ins...and they are my absolute favorite!!! They keep my babies bum drier for longer. I only use the duos for overnight now because of that, and am working on replacing all my cloth diapers with this brand only. Material is soft, very easy to keep sanitary, stays soft when washed and dried correctly, absorbs moisture incredibly well, baby rarely gets a rash, is not large and obnoxiously “fluffy” (-baby’s pants fit nicely over). Adjustable snaps are great, the elastic does not bite into baby’s back like some other brands I’ve tried. I love them. I highly recommend!! Also, the covers are cute and simple...I like that!

Judith N
I LOVE them

I have tried different brands of cloth diapers and Mother ease Wizard Uno is by far my favorite. 1. They fit perfectly and are very trim. My daughter can wear everything she wore with disposable diapers and still have room to move. 2. They are the only ones that NEVER leak. 3. They are so easy to wash and dry (although the organic cotton takes a little longer to dry than the stay dry). I personally prefer the stay dry finish, but I have both and love them both. I recommend these diapers to any mom who wants easy cloth diapering.

They look old quick

I original had the os fitted which quickly started to tear up. Love how they hold up to pee and poop but less then a year they started to rip. Next order the 6 pack with wizard inserts. Love the print the slim fit and of course they hold the pee and poop inside. Baby girl didn’t really fit till she was almost 12 pounds. But I order them July 2018 it’s november and the electric are starting to come off on the sides. I notice this last month wasn’t too happy at all. I have other brands and they have held up really good. I wish I can post a picture but I can’t. They do hold all night for sure. Which material was better.

Thank you for leaving an honest review of our One Size Fitted and Duo system.

While I’m glad to hear that they are working as far as containment goes, I can understand your displeasure with the way they have held up.

If you’d like to send pictures and a little information about what’s going on, we’d be happy to help figure out what might be the cause of your issue –

The PERFECT diaper!!

I've been cloth diapering for 2.5 years now and have tried so many brands and styles, and the One-size Wizard Uno is the only one I'm 100% satisfied with! Great absorbency, fit, quality, double gussets to catch even the biggest poops, no wicking at the legs, fast drying time for an AIO, just as easy to use as a disposable, and can use the same diaper from birth to potty training. LOVE IT!