Mesara Complete


The Mesara Complete is a regular pad with an hourglass shape that is thin in size to be the most discrete full-size reusable pad you’ve ever worn!

Designed for maximum absorbency by using our exclusive microfiber core – you will not find another pad this slim yet so absorbent! Perfect for those with incontinence issues or any menstrual flow (even heavy!)

Topped with our soft stay dry fabric to create a cooling and comfortable dry feel – you can be confident with your Mesara Complete.

Finished with a soft, waterproof fabric binding edge to create a leak-free barrier between your underwear/clothing.

Backed with the same lightweight, high-quality, waterproof PUL that Mother-ease is known for in order to eliminate the chance of leaks.

Truly the only pad you’ll need.

Fabric Composition

Surface: Stay Dry, 100% polyester
Core: microfiber, 100% polyester
Exterior: PUL (polyurethane laminate)



  • Regular Size: 8 x 23 cm
  • Long Size: 8 x 27 cm
  • PUL backing to stop liquid
  • Two snap (metal) closure – for the slimmest design
  • Absorbency: very high, microfiber, 100% polyester
  • Layer against skin – our stain-free Stay Dry fabric
  • Thickness – very slim
  • Shape – hourglass
  • Use: incontinence and/or menstrual
  • Made in Canada by Mother-ease®

Wet Pail Method (best option for eliminating stains)

Store your Mesara Pads in a small pail of cold water in your bathroom between washing. Add a teaspoon of Laundry Magic in your pail water to keep stains from setting. At the end of each day, dump your water and refill. Machine wash your pads once your pail is full with a good quality detergent*. Air dry or tumble dry on low or medium heat.

Dry Pail Method

-Rise your Mesara Pads in cold water immediately after use to stop stains from setting. (For added stain removal, rub some Laundry Magic on your Mesara Pads after rinsing).

-Store your Mesara Pads in a wet bag or bin and machine wash within 48 hours using a good quality detergent*.

-Air dry or tumble dry on low or medium heat.

*Do not use any detergents or laundering additives containing oxygenated bleaching agents (sodium percarbonate, hydrogen peroxide, optical brighteners or oxygen bleach).

Use Country Breeze Fabric Softener only (if desired) - all other fabric softeners will reduce absorbency.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

These are excellent quality! The fabric is soft and the fit is just right. I am beyond impressed at the quality, design, and thought put into this product. Created with such soft, gentle, and comfortable materials they don't chafe legs at all and the double snap keeps it in place no matter how much walking you do. The stay dry layer truly traps moisture quickly. I worried they'd be bulky, but they are no thicker than a disposable (thinner than generic by far actually). Wish I could upload a comparison photo as it's amazing. I'm new to Mother-ease but had heard great things about their commitment to well-designed products that last. This product totally lives up to that reputation! I will be ordering more. If you are on the fence about them, I encourage you to go for it!


These Mesaras are the first reusable menstrual pads I've tried and I tried both the liner and this Complete version. I liked the Complete, it was comfortable and stayed in place. The liner version kept moving around so, at least for me, I won't be getting more liners. But I was happy with the Complete.

Slim & Keeps Dry

I have been using cloth menstral pads for about five years. I have also been a Motherease cloth diaper user for 12 years.

Of course I love motherease’s. quality and diaper reputation. So I was optimistic when trying these pads. I was not disappointed.

Compared to my other cloth pads they were much slimmer in a good way. The main difference that I saw was with the stay dry material, it really made a big difference with keeping the moisture away from my skin. The main problem with my current (other) cloth pads is that the moisture will get on my skin (cotton outer) and feel cold and uncomfortable. So I would often have to change my pad before it was “time” because of that issue.

So the stay dry material was very different in a good way.

Although investing in a big set of pads will be a large monetary investment, I think I will make the plunge because the designs are super cute especially the blush, but mainly the stay dry material and the slimness is truly impressive.

I am going to inquire with Motherease if I could get a set perhaps at a small discount. Like purchasing a set of 20 for less than per item.

Once again, thank you ME for being amazing. Please put out more sophisticated designs in this product similar to blush.

Love it so far!

Have only had a chance to use it once so far, but impressed! No leaks through or around the stitching, no stains, absorbent. I plan to buy more!