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Introducing Mesara Reusable Cloth Pads! 

To celebrate our 30th year in business, Mother-ease has launched an entirely new product line of reusable cloth pads for menstrual and incontinence needs. 

Backed with our exceptional PUL cover fabric and lined with our buttery soft Stay Dry fabric sitting against your skin, Mesara Reusable Cloth Pads offer the utmost performance in comfort and containment for all your menstrual and incontinence needs! Unlike other reusable pad products, Mesara Reusable Cloth Pads are trimmed with our wick-resistant nylon binding, eliminating the need to worry about any embarrassing leaks!

We have field-tested these pads for some time now, and have gotten great feedback:

"I've been testing out the pads and I really like them! They have great absorbency, easy to wash, and I feel like they are a good size."

"I love how they don't feel bulky, when I first saw them I thought they'd be really bulky but I hardly notice they're there! And they are really really absorbent and spread the moisture across the whole pad so there's an evenness and it doesn't get wet in one place and lead to any leaks or rubs and they're so comfy! I keep forgetting when I'm wearing one which is great, especially when I have to wear white breeches at a (riding) competition! And I've used one pad I think for 12 hours simply because I forgot I had it on?? And it didn't leak at all! I've also noticed there's no odour from them either which is also really good :)"

"The other type of reusable menstrual products I use are a brand of absorbent underwear - I prefer your pad design because I can change them while I'm at work/school, etc. It's not so easy to change your whole underwear, but it's easy to change a pad. Yours also have great absorbency!"

Mesara Reusable Cloth Pads are available in 3 different pad options to offer a solution for every need: 

Liner - the reusable panty liner everyone needs. Comfortable and discrete for everyday use. 

Complete - all you need for day or night for a regular flow or light incontinence. 

Ultimate - a full-cut super absorbent pad with elasticized sides. Offers maximum protection and quick absorption for the heaviest flow and moderate incontinence. 

Whatever the protection you need, we've got you covered. 

In celebration, we are offering one FREE Liner and one FREE pad to the first 500 customers who would like to try Mesara! Get yours while supplies last! 

*a $9.99 shipping fee will be applied to all pad promo orders. 

**prints will be chosen at random. 

*** 1 (one) promo per household

Wet Pail Method (best option for eliminating stains)

Store your Mesara Pads in a small pail of cold water in your bathroom between washing. Add a teaspoon of Laundry Magic in your pail water to keep stains from setting. At the end of each day, dump your water and refill. Machine wash your pads once your pail is full with a good quality detergent*. Air dry or tumble dry on low or medium heat.

Dry Pail Method

-Rise your Mesara Pads in cold water immediately after use to stop stains from setting. (For added stain removal, rub some Laundry Magic on your Mesara Pads after rinsing).

-Store your Mesara Pads in a wet bag or bin and machine wash within 48 hours using a good quality detergent*.

-Air dry or tumble dry on low or medium heat.

*Do not use any detergents or laundering additives containing oxygenated bleaching agents (sodium percarbonate, hydrogen peroxide, optical brighteners or oxygen bleach).

Use Country Breeze Fabric Softener only (if desired) - all other fabric softeners will reduce absorbency.

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