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The Mother ease Expert Series: Cloth Diapers are Easier than you Think


Welcome back to the Mother ease Expert Series!

Today I’m here to tell you Cloth Diapering is Easier than you Think

cloth-diapering-is-easyWith a baby on the way, life is about to get a lot more hectic and once the baby arrives you’ll be looking for ways to make things easier, not harder. People are convinced that cloth diapering is a complicated process that will make parenthood difficult. I’m not sure why this is such a common belief, but if you give it a try, you will find that cloth diapering is easier than you think.

The majority of parents choose disposable diapers, they work well. Disposable diapers set the standard for slim fit and dry feel. If you choose to use disposable diapers there are not a lot of variables and hardly any decisions to make. Your costs will be somewhat fixed. Disposables come in a variety of sizes fitting perfectly from newborn through to toddler sizes. There is nothing to choose from other than the size and brand. Month after month, you buy more as needed. When the diaper is clean and unused it is slim fitting. Once urine is encapsulated in the sodium polyacrylate inside the disposable diaper, the diaper becomes bulky. If you get to the diaper before the poop squishes out, disposables make for an easy clean up. However, especially with a new baby, blow outs with disposables are a common occurrence. Health regulations stipulate that disposable diapers should have the poop cleaned out before disposing, however, no one does that.

If you choose cloth, it’s quite different. There are a lot to choose from, with hundreds of manufacturers, thousands of websites, each touting to have an edge. It can be very complicated and confusing.  But I’m here to help you settle the noise, and assure you that cloth diapering is simple.

We’ve come a long way

Gone are the days of folding and pinning cloth diapers, today they are modern garments, colorful and playful, a delight to use, with elastics at the waist and legs to prevent leakage. They come in one-size or sized – for a perfect fit, equipped with snaps or Velcro® for simple diaper changes. The only part of cloth diapering that is somewhat unpleasant is the need to remove the poop from the diaper, and now there are flushable diaper liners and diaper sprayers to help you deal with that as well, eliminating any hassle.

Depending on which cloth diapering system you choose, they are just as convenient as disposables, or rather, even more so, since cloth doesn’t leak!

The extra laundry isn’t so bad

With a new baby, the amount of laundry you do is going to increase whether you use cloth diapers or not. With that in mind, throwing in a load of cloth diapers isn’t really that much added work. And remember, the washing machine does all the work for you. If you add washing diapers to your routine right from the start an extra 3-4 loads per week isn’t that much. The use of disposables isn’t without work either, they need to be purchased, stored when soiled and brought to the curb for garbage pickup.

Cloth diapers keep it all in

The hardest part of diapering is cleaning up. When your baby has a “disposables blowout”, you’re not only cleaning up the baby, you’re also dealing with messy clothing and cleaning anything the baby was sitting or playing on! But with cloth diapers, you won’t see the same mess that you often do with disposables. When you choose a cloth diaper that fits your baby properly, the mess stays where it’s supposed to; inside the diaper! No leaks or blowouts to clean up makes cloth diapering worth it on its own.

Now you can see that cloth diapering is actually a lot easier than it seems. Next week, I will explain how a cloth diaper really works. Be sure to watch for our next installment of the Mother ease Expert Series or click below to get it straight to your inbox!

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