Rewards Program

It’s time to reward you for shopping! Now introducing our new rewards system where all orders over $50 USD (~67 CAD) get a free gift. 

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The Details

After adding everything you want to your cart, select the free gift that corresponds with your cart amount and add it to your cart - this will increase your cart total but the codes below will make your gift free. Be sure to check each category to see what products are being offered for free today!

During the checkout process, you can use the following discount code to remove the cost of that product.

The codes are as follows:

Spending $50 - $99 use code FREEGIFT50

Spending $100 - $349 use code FREEGIFT100

Spending $350 - $649 use code FREEGIFT350

Spending $650 or more use code FREEGIFT650

*Free gift products are subject to change. If you want to request a specific print you can add that into your order notes and we will do our best but cannot offer any print guarantees.