I Choose Cloth Because... Poop Containment!

I Choose Cloth Because... Poop Containment!

I Choose Cloth Because... Poop Containment!

There are so many reasons why parents use cloth diapers beyond the 3 main benefits: health, environmental impact and cost savings.

For this reason, we are starting a new blog series called:

I choose cloth becuase...

*head's up - pictures of poop included!*

How many of you have used disposable diapers and cringed at the sound of your little one making a number 2? Blowouts are horrible to deal with! Parents talk about cloth diapering being disgusting - having to deal with the poop inside the diaper. That blows my mind considering the poop you have to deal with OUTSIDE the diaper when you have a blowout! Forget having to spray out one poopy diaper into the toilet, you are now dealing with poop up inside the onesie (that now needs to be pulled over baby's head...) and up the baby's back, inside the pants and down your baby's legs, and all over the diaper itself. That has, in my opinion, a much higher "ick factor" than cleaning a cloth diaper.

With a quality cloth diaper, blowouts just don't happen. The poop stays where it should - inside the diaper. That means, when you're driving along and you hear your little one fill his diaper while sitting in the car seat, you can continue to your destination (unless you're on a road trip - in which case change that diaper to avoid rash) confident that when you go to change that diaper, there will be no outfit change or cleaning out the car seat required. 

Alex and I recently look baby Lucas up north for the weekend. Our Oma's cottage doesn't have laundering facilities and I don't have a full set of cloth diapers (believe it or not) to have enough on hand to wait until we get home to wash. So, we brought along disposables for the weekend. Shouldn't be a problem, so many parents use disposable diapers, they'll work great! Wrong. Lucas' very first poop leaked.

Disposable poop leaking

Luckily, we were about to change him anyways, and as soon as we got him down to his onesie is when he pooped. Within seconds it was leaking out the leg holes! If he had been playing, or worse - sitting, that poop would have been everywhere! Then we would have had poopy clothing sitting in a wet bag waiting until we got home to be cleaned. 

Fast forward to yesterday, Lucas is playing in his exersaucer beside me at work and does a phantom poop (you know, the ones that don't make any noise) and so I don't know it happened. I then take him out to give him a diaper change because he's fussing, and low and behold a giant poop! Of course, he's in a cloth diaper (a One Size Wizard Uno to be exact) and where is that poop? Nicely contained inside the diaper. 

Cloth poop contained

As you can see, the poop got right up to the very edge of the elastic at his back and did not escape the diaper! His clothes were clean, and I was happy not to have a mess to deal with. Especially since we were at work without ideal changing facilities and no bathtub. 

I don't know about you guys, but poop containment is definitely at the top of my "why I choose cloth" list. It's this reason alone that makes me wonder why cloth diapers aren't the most popular option among parents around the world. 

Let us know what your reasons for choosing cloth diapers are and we can add them to our blog series!

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