Mother-ease Diaper + Mother-ease Cover = Leak Free!

Mother-ease Diaper + Mother-ease Cover = Leak Free!

Mother-ease Diaper + Mother-ease Cover = Leak Free!

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"Out of curiosity, last night I tried the Wizard Duo Night Time insert with another diaper cover. It actually fit quite well under the cover's tuck flaps, but then it leaked straight through the cover and the insert wasn't even completely saturated. So, it definitely needs the Wizard Duo cover to work it's magic!"

-Kaitlin, Modern Bottom Babies

YES! Mother-ease manufactures leak-free diapering systems. The magic happens when you use both a Mother-ease diaper and cover together. To understand why you should use our diapers with our covers, let's talk about what sets Mother-ease apart from the rest.

Mother-ease is a proud Canadian company. We manufacture all of our products right here in Ontario, using 100% green energy and high-quality fabrics. Our products were all designed for the babies in Erika's family and have been tested extensively before being put on the market. Erika has worked hard since 1991 to provide moms with quality, convenient, leak-free cloth diapering systems.

Our absorbent cloth diapers are made from a range of high-quality organic, natural and synthetic fabrics that will fit any mom's lifestyle. Mother-ease diapers and inserts all offer full coverage protection and are elasticized at both the legs and the waist to ensure that all the poop is contained within the diaper itself, allowing you to reuse your covers. Even our All in Two diaper insert is full coverage and fully elasticized, rather than using a pad shaped insert that only creates an absorbent portion down the middle of the diaper. Our diapers and inserts are absorbent in and of themselves, no stuffing required and are designed for heavy-wetters! Absorbent liners are only necessary for naps and night time when your baby is 6+ months old if needed. We have decades of testimonials from parents tallying up how many babies they've put through their Mother-ease diapers. If cared for properly, you'll be shocked at how long our diapers can last for!*

Mother-ease diaper covers are unlike any other! Our diaper covers completely encapsulate the absorbent diaper (even our AIO!), and with our unique nylon binding, ensure that no wetness is transferred onto the outside of the cover. We have been known around the cloth diapering community for over 25 years for our outstanding PUL and our new cover fabric used in our Fashionables line is no exception.

Finally, we give you a leak-free cloth diapering solution that offers prints so cute, you'll save money on pants! Our new fabric is unlike any other cover on the market. So soft, and silky it feels more like a piece of clothing and less like a PUL. Don't be thrown by the thinner feel of these covers, they make a great night time diaper, holding strong for 12 hours leak-free! Not convinced? Check out Modern Bottom Babies review and Mom's Little Feat's review of our Night Time Wizard Duo Diaper both in our new Fashionables print line! They were skeptical at first too!

We manufacture diapers and covers that together hold up to the heaviest wetters! So, pair your Mother-ease diapers with your Mother-ease covers, and wake up to dry sheets, dry PJ's and happy babies!

As always, if you have any questions about cloth diapering, ask us! We are always here to help.

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* Our 100% Organic Cotton fabric does not contain the added polyester sewn into the core of the fabric to provide the durability you would get in our Unbleached and Bamboo natural diapers. Because of this, we recommend having at least 24 Organic Cotton diapers to last for one child, as Organic Cotton will wear faster.

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