Mother-ease Diaper Pail

Mother-ease Diaper Pail

Mother-ease Diaper Pail

When it comes to cloth diapering many parents spend a lot of time researching the different types of diapers, which brand they’d like to buy, and how to wash diapers. One often overlooked aspect to cloth diapering is dirty diaper storage.

How dirty diapers are stored can play an important role in the care of cloth diapers. For this reason, we recommend the use of our diaper pail over other dirty diaper storage methods.

One of the biggest advantages to using the Mother-ease diaper pail is its natural odor control system comprised of simple ventilation and a natural carbon filter in the lid. Not only does this help control odor, but also prevents the warm, moist conditions that cause bacteria to grow more rapidly. The fewer bacteria in the diapers, the easier to clean!

If you have a top loading washing machine, no other accessories are needed to use the diaper pail. When you’re ready to wash, just tip the diapers out and into your machine. Wash your pail with soap and water while the diapers are in the machine and it’s ready to use again!

If you have a front-loading washing machine, our mesh pail liners make laundry day a bit easier and you won’t have to touch dirty diapers. Simply take the whole mesh pail liner along with the diapers and throw it in your machine. Make sure to leave the liner open so the diapers can agitate themselves out of the bag in the wash. If a diaper does get stuck in the mesh bag, water and detergent can easily pass though the bag and your diaper will still get clean!

No matter where you store your dirty cloth diapers, whether in your baby’s room or a bathroom, with the Mother-ease diaper pail, no one will be able to tell dirty diapers are in there!

Written by Jennifer Smith

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