Testimonial Tuesday - Mother-ease Makes Cloth Diapering a Breeze!

Testimonial Tuesday - Mother-ease Makes Cloth Diapering a Breeze!

Testimonial Tuesday - Mother-ease Makes Cloth Diapering a Breeze!

Testimonial Tuesday!

Mother-ease Makes Cloth Diapering a Breeze!

Mother ease Blog Testimonial Tuesday

It is a great pleasure of mine to write this review of the Mother-ease Duo System. We simply love every aspect of using this cloth diaper system.

My cloth diapering journey began when my first child was around 7 months old. I had a great desire to make a better effort to reduce our diaper garbage as well as avoid having my son where plastic diapers that are filled with chemicals.

A friend of mine had been using some all in ones from Kushies. I decided to give them a try. I felt that these were a great introduction to helping me understand the benefits of cloth diapering, but I encountered problems with the all in ones, including leakage – especially at night. This, unfortunately, led me to have to resort to disposables at night. Another friend suggested pocket diapers. Again, I ran into issues with leakage and the waterproofing on the covers did not last long. Like the all in ones, the cover waterproofing seemed to decrease after about 6 months leaving me with having to look into spending more money to buy all new diapers. Luckily, my first child was out of diapers early, but I was determined to find a better cloth diaper solution for my second child.

For the first three months of #2’s life, I paid for a diaper service that used Mother-ease covers. I did some research about Mother-ease and was happy to know they were a local business in my area. I took a trip to the storefront and I decided to invest in their trial of the Duo System when it came time to stop the diapering service. I am so glad I found the Duo System!

This is why I love this system.

The Duo System has three different types of diapers to choose from. I have tried the unbleached cotton, bamboo and the synthetic day as well as the synthetic night. They have all met and in some ways exceeded my expectations, whether I am using them at home, out for the day, or while away traveling. Some of the specific ‘loves’ I have for this system include having a cloth diaper that will keep my baby dry for 12 hours+ at night and no leakage from the covers that surround the insert. The wisely designed if cover fits snug around the waist and the legs allowing for excellent coverage and containment of even the messiest of situations. I also really appreciate the materials used in the inserts as well as the design of how the inserts fit into the diaper cover. The inserts snap easily in and can be taken out very quickly as well. The cover can then be laid to dry and used again without washing as long as it is not soiled.

It has been 1 year since I started using the Duo System and there is really nothing I can say I don’t like about using this system. I look forward to using the Duo for the rest of baby #2’s diaper life as well as for other children that may come along. If you are looking to start cloth diapering or if you are considering switching from your current cloth diapering system, try the Duo System from Mother-ease! This system makes cloth diapering a breeze :)

Tara Harding


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