The Benefits of Cloth Training Pants

The Benefits of Cloth Training Pants

The Benefits of Cloth Training Pants

Potty Learning: The Benefits of Cloth Training Pants


Admit it, potty learning (or potty training) isn't easy. And it's only made more complicated when trying to find the right training pants. But, with the right cloth training pants, potty training can get easier!

You need something reliable, easy to get on and off and absorbent enough to hold accidents (but not so absorbent that your toddler doesn't feel the wetness). And if your child has grown up in cloth diapers, you do not want to switch to disposables now. Have you been using disposables? It's time to switch to cloth and find out just how great reusable baby products are!

Why not disposables?

Disposable training pants are made with super-absorbent polymer chemicals with one job - to pull all moisture away from your toddler's bum. First, do you really want chemicals against your baby's skin? Of course not! Second, a dry bottom is great for babies, but when you are potty training your child, a little wetness can help with the process. That uncomfortable sensation can go a long way!

The Benefits of Cloth

Cloth training pants are usually made with a cotton inner and a waterproof outer layer. When you have a natural fiber, like cotton, next to your toddler's skin that feels wet to the touch and does not mask wetness like fleece or disposables, they will feel and recognize when they have an accident. They are also similar to comfortable big kid underpants, making the transition easy. 

Comparing Costs

High-quality cloth training pants usually cost around $25 each, which means you will come in far lower than disposables that you are throwing in the garbage. Reusable training pants are an investment, and often you can reuse them with a second child, pass them along to a friend or family member or sell them to recoup some of your costs!

Potty learning is hard enough without the hassle and expense of disposable training pants. With cloth, you can not only take advantage of their cost-effectiveness but also watch your child learn faster!

Check out Mother-eases' Big Kid Training Pants! Designed to look and feel like real underwear, encouraging your little one's independence! Made with velvety soft Bamboo Terry, our Big Kid Training Pants are designed to hold two accidents without ever leaking and allows your child to feel the wetness. 

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