Wizard Duo - Night Time Diaper Pack

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The Wizard Duo Night Time diaper package is the answer for up to 12+ hours of leak-free cloth diapering! Perfect for night time, naps or traveling!

With its superior absorbency and Stay Dry fabric, your baby will be comfortable and dry all night long.

2 Night Time Diapers = 2 Fitted Inserts + 2 Covers 
3 Night Time Diapers = 3 Fitted Inserts + 3 Covers 
4 Night Time Diapers = 4 Fitted Inserts + 4 Covers

Sizes Weight Range Absorbency
Small 8 to 18 lbs 425 ml  (15 oz)
One Size 10 to 35 lbs 500 ml  (17 oz)
XLarge 35 to 45 lbs 525 ml (17.75 oz)

Note: Packages are pictured with One Size covers. Packages will ship with the same size cover and insert. 

The Wizard Duo is the leader in All in Two Cloth Diapers – simple, absorbent and leak-free!

Simply snap our absorbent Duo Fitted Insert into our waterproof Duo Cover and it becomes as convenient to use as an All-in-One but much more economical. Fewer covers are needed because the Duo Cover can be reused a number of times before laundering!

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