Mesara Liner


The Mesara Liner is small, discrete, and super comfortable without sacrificing incredible performance. 

Panty liners are ideal for every day of the month - keeping you feeling fresh throughout the day with a quick change of the liner.  Great for daily use, light incontinence, light flow, or as a backup for a menstrual cup or tampon.

Comprised of a natural cotton core and topped with our soft stay dry fabric for a cooling and comfortable dry feel!

Finished with a soft, waterproof fabric binding edge to create a leak-free barrier between your underwear/clothing.

Backed with the same lightweight, high-quality, waterproof PUL that Mother-ease is known for in order to eliminate the chance of leaks.

Truly the best liner you’ll ever use!

If you suffer from light incontinence leaks from the occasional cough or sneeze these are perfect. If your incontinence is heavier than this, we would recommend you choose the Mesara Complete or Ultimate pads.

Fabric Composition

Surface: Stay Dry, 100% polyester
Core: Natural Cotton, 82% cotton, 18% polyester
Exterior: PUL (polyurethane laminate)



  • Size: 6 x 17 cm
  • PUL backing to stop liquid
  • Two snap (metal) closure – for the slimmest design
  • Absorbency: moderate, using natural cotton core
  • Layer against skin – our stain-free Stay Dry fabric
  • Thickness – very slim
  • Use: light incontinence and/or light menstrual
  • Made in Canada by Mother-ease®

Wet Pail Method (best option for eliminating stains)

Store your Mesara Pads in a small pail of cold water in your bathroom between washing. Add a teaspoon of Laundry Magic in your pail water to keep stains from setting. At the end of each day, dump your water and refill. Machine wash your pads once your pail is full with a good quality detergent*. Air dry or tumble dry on low or medium heat.

Dry Pail Method

-Rise your Mesara Pads in cold water immediately after use to stop stains from setting. (For added stain removal, rub some Laundry Magic on your Mesara Pads after rinsing).

-Store your Mesara Pads in a wet bag or bin and machine wash within 48 hours using a good quality detergent*.

-Air dry or tumble dry on low or medium heat.

*Do not use any detergents or laundering additives containing oxygenated bleaching agents (sodium percarbonate, hydrogen peroxide, optical brighteners or oxygen bleach).

Use Country Breeze Fabric Softener only (if desired) - all other fabric softeners will reduce absorbency.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Maygen McKinlay
Barely there comfort

I had a moment of panic one of the last days of my cycle. I forgot I'd snapped one of these liners in and felt that sudden oh snap, run to the nearest washroom to assess the damage moments. I was so relieved when I realized that I'd chosen my new Morher-ease liner that I literally laughed out loud

Absorbent, unbelievably comfortable and super cute designs?! They wash well and store nicely, I particularly like that the tabs stay folded under and don't bunch up. I've had issues with other pads slipping and coming out of place but Mother-ease stayed in place. I also found them to be very breathable. I'm so excited to purchase more of these in all the sizes. Even more so now that my youngest is no longer wearing their diapers or trainers, I can now build up a stash with my favourite prints!


These are amazing quality! Soft, gentle and beautiful. The craftmanship demonstrated in the construction of this liner is top notch. Every design detail is thought out so well. They are wonderfully trim and I appreciate the non-wicking binding so much. Another reviewer had a problem with the liner moving, but mine never has. If you are contemplating trying a liner, I'd encourage you to go for it! Thank you Mother-ease for another amazing product!

Didn't stay put

The liner moved around a lot for me, which made it uncomfortable and also caused it to leak. I also tried the "Complete" version and that stayed in place much better and was comfortable, so I guess it is just the liner that won't work for me.

Thank you for your honest review of our Mesara Liner!

I’m sorry to hear you didn’t have a great experience with the liner (but glad to read that the Complete worked better ). It could be possible that the style of underwear you were using it with had something to do with the movement of the liner; I have found that certain styles of underwear that are cut wider in the gusset didn’t work the best with cloth pads in general.

Hailey Traut
Amazing liner!

I was so impressed with the Mesara liner. As someone who has only ever used disposable liners, I wasn't exactly sure what to expect. It fit great, didn't slide around while I was wearing it. It's discrete, I wore it with tight jeans and a skirt and you would never know. But, beyond that, it had incredible absorption and didn't leak at all!!! Even when it looked full, it did not leak. I imagine it took a lot of design work to get a product this amazing. I would recommend it to anyone


The best pads/liners I have used. The stay dry is so much nicer than having wet cotton against your skin, which all the other brands are. It's honestly the perfect pad! Very thin and comfortable. Will be getting a bunch more.