Ask Erika: Ensuring the proper diaper fit.

Ask Erika: Ensuring the proper diaper fit.

Ask Erika: Ensuring the proper diaper fit.

Ensuring the Proper Diaper Fit.

Ask Erika - Ensuring the Proper Fit


How do I know if the diaper is on too tight or too loose?


This is a great question, as the fit of a cloth diaper can make or break your leak-free system.

Not all Mother-ease diapering systems are designed to fit the same, so first you need to establish whether you are using our fitted diapering system, or our Wizard diaper line. Both diapering systems will provide a very comfortable fit but are worn quite differently.

Our fitted diapering systems (Sandy's and One Size fitted with either our Air Flow or Rikki Wrap covers) are designed to have more of a loose fit. This diaper + cover does not have to be snug in order to be leak-free, just tight enough that there are no gaps.

The diapers in our Wizard line (Duo, All-in-Two and Uno, All-in-One) are designed to fit nice and snug around your baby for a super trim look. In order for these diapers to be leak-free, you must stretch the elastic when you snap the diaper around your baby.

You will know that the diaper is on too loose if you experience leaks, or if the diaper and/or cover is rubbing against your baby's skin causing it to chafe. The diaper should never be worn loose enough that it will move freely around your baby's legs or belly and rub.

Pressure marks from the elastics (light indentations or red marks) are completely normal and will not cause any discomfort. You and I get these from our undergarments as well. These marks will dissipate within a few minutes of the elastic being moved. We recommend that you move where the elastic is positioned on your baby's legs each time you change their diaper. Also, running your finger around the leg elastic once after fastening the diaper on your baby, to allow the elastic tension to be evenly distributed, is also recommended.

Other ways to ensure that the diaper is being worn properly, is assessing where the diaper is sitting on your baby. The leg openings should always sit up in the crotch area, not down lower on the thighs. The waist of the diaper should sit up near your baby's belly button. If your diaper is sitting too low on the waist, you could experience leaks. 

If you are having problems with leaks, and are unsure if the fit is proper for your baby, reach out to us! We will be happy to inspect that for you!

Do you have a question you want answered? Ask us. We are always happy to help!

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