Ask Erika: Why do I need a Swim Diaper?

Ask Erika: Why do I need a Swim Diaper?

Ask Erika: Why do I need a Swim Diaper?

Why do I need a Swim Diaper?


I know the purpose of the swim diaper is to catch solids, not liquids. But I wonder why I need a special swim diaper at all. Can't I just use a cover already in my stash?


A swim diaper and a diaper cover have two very different purposes. Your diaper cover is made to keep wetness n, and a swim diaper is made to allow the wetness to flow through. And for that, doubling your diaper cover as a swim diaper just does not work, and here's why:

Your Mother-ease diaper cover has a waterproof coating on it to ensure that your child's clothing stays dry, and while in the pool the cover fills up with water. When you take your child out of the pool, all of the water that filled up inside the diaper will drain out of the leg openings, taking the poop right along with it and defeating its purpose entirely. Also, the chlorine in the pool will ruin the waterproofing on your diaper cover, rendering it useless in your leak-free diaper system.

This is where choosing a swim diaper can be confusing, because some other brands use a waterproof material for their swim diapers but this just causes a restrictive ballooning effect while in the water. More so, they will use an absorbent inner with their swim diapers, which is only helpful when holding your baby on the pool deck. Otherwise, when your absorbent swim diaper goes in the pool, it will just absorb the pool water!

Mother-ease Swim Diapers were designed with the YMCA back in the early 1990's - and their only concern is to keep the poop out of the pool, and let the chlorine do the rest. They're made of a double elasticized system containing a very fine "poop-catcher" mesh, covered with a soft, stretchy bathing suit material outer. This system allows the water to flow through the diaper while keeping even the most liquid newborn poops inside and the pool water safe!

Our swim diapers have soft elasticized waist and legs for a comfortable fit. They're thin, lightweight and have a series of adjustable waist and leg snaps that open along the sides. They are cute enough to be worn alone as a bathing suit, but also thin enough to be worn under your baby's swimsuit or trunks, if you prefer. 

So, gone are the days of saggy, water-logged disposables! Your baby can chill out poolside rocking a super cute - and fully functional reusable swim diaper!

PLUS: we have released 4 NEW Swim Diaper prints just in time for summer! 


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