Ask Erika: Will I need to replace the elastics in used Mother-ease diapers?

Ask Erika: Will I need to replace the elastics in used Mother-ease diapers?

Ask Erika: Will I need to replace the elastics in used Mother-ease diapers?

Will I need to replace the elastics in the used Mother-ease diapers?

How long do Mother ease elastics last?


I'm considering buying some pre-loved Mother-ease diapers, but I would like to know first what the warranty is on your elastics, and if you charge to replace the elastic?


At Mother-ease, we offer a lifetime warranty on our elastic (for the original owner) for the usable life of the diaper. However, in the 26 years that we have been in business, not one customer has ever had to use it! Mother-ease uses only the highest quality materials, and our elastic is no exception. We use a synthetic elastic that is latex-free and does not relax and therefore will never need to be replaced. Our cloth diapers are even able to be stored in a wet pail method (to reduce staining, etc.) without harming the elastics!

Elastics are a crucial component of manufacturing a convenient, leak-free cloth diaper. Without them, the diaper will not gently hug your baby's bottom. This is especially important when using a one-size diaper that grows from newborn to potty training age. If the diaper doesn't gently hug your baby's bottom, the poops will not stay contained in the diaper (or cover).

All Mother-ease diapering systems have a double elasticized leg and waist (front and back) opening to stop leaks. When the diaper and cover are worn correctly, the diaper will perform perfectly! This also eliminates any gaps that would allow clothing (t-shirts) to poke inside and wick the wetness out.

The quality of elastics is a very important factor to consider when choosing a brand of cloth diapers. Do you want to spend all of the 'spare' time (or lack thereof) you will have at home with your newborn learning how to replace your diaper elastics? At Mother-ease, we don't believe replacing elastics is something parents need to know. Choose Mother-ease and know you're choosing a brand that uses the best materials when manufacturing a cloth diaper that is supposed to last for multiple children!

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