Be an Advocate for Cloth Diapering

Be an Advocate for Cloth Diapering

Be an Advocate for Cloth Diapering

Be an Advocate for Cloth Diapering

Mother ease - Be an advocate for cloth diapering

Using cloth diapers is often more than a decision but a lifestyle choice. And it's a lifestyle choice that other people will question, so be prepared. You will get questioned about why you use cloth. You will be questioned about how it works. You will get told you are making a difficult choice. You may get told you are wrong. But this was your choice and you should be proud of it. In fact, advocate for cloth diapers - they were the best decision you have made for your baby and other parents need to know.

Know your facts and figures

When it comes to advocating for cloth diapers, you need to know your stats. You should be able to answer questions confidently and intelligently and believe me, there will be questions. Be prepared with answers to commonly asked questions like: 

If you are going to speak from your soapbox, you need to be informed. Peruse our blog and our frequently asked questions to get familiar with the facts. And remember, there are no stupid questions.

Simplify the common terms

This advice is standard when you are talking about anything as an expert. If you start talking about cloth diapers by using acronyms, slang or even industry jargon that only a seasoned cloth diaper user would understand, you'll lose your audience. So advocate using general terms. It may seem over-simplified to you, but it will help you avoid the blank stares. And the longer you have their attention, the more of a chance you will have to delve deeper into the world of cloth diapers.

Not everyone is for "all or nothing"

Even though you are a die-hard cloth diaper user, it doesn't mean everyone is. That said, remember that you may have an "all or nothing" approach when it comes to using cloth, but others might be transitioning from disposables, or may prefer disposables at night - and that's okay. Cloth diaper advocates have an image of being militant about their decision to adopt a cloth diapering lifestyle, but you can change that perception. Remember that every situation is different. Tell people why you use cloth, but understand why they may not. Be gentle when you tell people about why you believe in using cloth without making them feel bad about their decision to use disposables. The goal is to get them thinking about other options, and if you are preaching from your high horse, they just won't listen.

Be honest

You love your cloth diapers, I get it. But be honest when you are singing their praises to anyone who will listen. If you are asked about the cons when it comes to cloth, just tell the truth! If you leave out important information about cloth diapering that may arise at some point, you might be setting up that new parent for failure. For example, if you had some leakage issues when you were getting used to diapering your baby, just say so! Knowing what problems might occur means parents can attempt to prevent it and will seek advice if it does, rather than just giving up. But, of course, even if you're being honest about the negatives, slip as many benefits as you can into the conversation too!

And while you are advocating for cloth, don't forget to share resources! Click here to download our free Guide to Cloth Diapering and share the link with your friends!

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