One Size Uno Review: Not all Nappies are Born Equal

One Size Uno Review: Not all Nappies are Born Equal

One Size Uno Review: Not all Nappies are Born Equal

This review comes from Ann from the UK. She got her One Size Wizard Uno courtesy of The Nappy Lady.

Mother ease One Size Uno Review - Ann

Not all nappies are born equal

A week away in the caravan has spurred to write up a full review of the Mother-ease Wizard Uno we’ve been trying out for The Nappy Lady. I took disposables away with us because that would be easier than finding suitable washing facilities right?! Nope. Eleventy-billion wardrobe changes later I found myself pining for the Wizard Uno because cloth nappies aren’t just for eco-warriers, they’re for any parent who doesn’t want to see that yellow stain when they pick up their baby or feel that questionable substance on their thumb when they risk a nappy check. Or, any parent who has finally packed up their site, bundled all children and dogs in the car before finding a poo-magedon invading their babies clothes, car seat and by now, their parent’s sanity. Because in my experience this will result in trying to shimmy your son in to the nappy bag spare clothing which it turns out you haven’t updated since he was two months old. The Wizard Uno wouldn’t have done that to me.

For anyone who doesn’t want to read my full ramblings these are the highlights; the Wizard Uno will last as long as you need it to without leaks including overnight, it dries fast and fits birth to potty. If all reusables were as good as this then disposables wouldn’t be a thing.

The tests…

I put this nappy through it’s paces. I’ve been cloth bumming since my daughter was born two years ago though I use disposables sometimes. Both my kids are a bit chunky; average height with climbers thighs, no idea where they get that from, must be their Dad. When I started using this nappy I had a four month old smiley boy and a pre-teen two year old girl.

The fit- the nappy has three rows of poppers so you can shorten the height for smaller children and a further row of poppers to adjust the waist. I have it on the shortest setting for my boy and the largest for my daughter. It fits both of them perfectly. They don’t get red marks, can move freely and don’t leak. It’s also fairly trim looking compared to other cloth nappies so looks better under clothing. My toddler can run, jump and tantrum in this just as good as in a disposable. My baby started rolling at four months whether in this nappy, or other cloth, or a disposable.

The endurance factor- I’ve tried this out for long periods (4 hours plus) including car journeys, soft play and naps. It doesn’t leak, solids or otherwise. For my two year old I use the included booster which contains even her Fruit Shoot fuelled mega wees. It also works overnight (12 hours plus) for the breast obsessed, can’t go two hours without feeding, baby. I use the included booster plus another bamboo booster just in case and… no leaks. Something even a disposable doesn’t do. I have used it overnight on my daughter but as a chunky two year old with the included booster plus an additional booster it was tight around her thighs and did leave red marks in the morning so I think this is the limit of the nappy. It may be okay with only the included booster overnight but I don’t have the guts to try it and risk even less sleep (she’s a true believer that sleep is for the weak).

Care- I tend to wash at 60 degrees which it works fine with this nappy, it would also work on a 40 degree wash I just use 60 as a preference. The design means if you’re using the booster it just falls out so you can just chuck it in the machine with minimal faff. It dries really fast which is a big thumbs up from me.

Comparison to other nappies- I have an array of other nappies including all in ones, two parters and pockets. I prefer the Wizard Uno to my others by far. The two parters have always been my go-to bomb proof nappying system, which up to a few years ago is a sentence I never thought I’d say, however they’re bulky and more of a faff to change. I’ve always loved the idea of an all in one but the reality has always fallen short of my expectations. I’ve tried Tots Bots Easyfits V4 which although are quite slim and fast drying they aren’t a good match for my chubsters and leak quite quickly. I only mention the version as I hear the Easyfit stars are better. I can get a few hours out of a Bambino Mio- Mio Solo but I need to boost for my daughter which makes it very bulky and it takes longer to dry. I’ve found the fit on the Wizard Uno is loads better than my other nappies for both my children.

The negatives- the only test this nappy failed on was overnight for my toddler but I personally don’t see that as a big deal. It’s an all in one birth to potty nappy so it will have limits for both small newborns and large toddlers but I stress this is the nearest nappy I’ve found to having it all. That is however reflected in the price. At over £20 this is an expensive nappy. While I’ve only been using this a few months based on my experience with Mother-ease products this nappy will last a long time. I mainly have second hand Mother-ease Airflow wraps and they work perfectly so if you look after this nappy if will last a couple children and you might even be able to sell it on afterwards.

If I was starting over with cloth nappies I’d only get the Wizard Uno, and a couple two parters later on for the toddler years. I love this nappy.

One Size Uno - Mother ease - Under the Sea

If you want more info on cloth nappy-ing The Nappy Lady website is a wealth of information and I’d recommend doing the free to use advice questionnaire.

- Ann

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