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What You Need To Know About Clothing Fitting Over Cloth Diapers

What You Need To Know About Clothing Fitting Over Cloth Diapers

When my daughter was in diapers, I never thought about what pants would be compatible with the fluffy bum that comes with cloth diapers. It wasn’t until AFTER she was out of diapers that I had to start worrying about her pants fitting! Suddenly there was nothing to hold her pants up!

One Size diapers are great in adjustability. They can feel bulky on the smallest setting because they are made to fit a 35-pound child and a 10-pound baby — even our trim-fitting Wizard Duo One Size. If you are concerned with getting a cute fit or fitting tights/jeans over a cloth diaper, investing in 2 sizes instead of One Size (OS) system is a good idea.

The Wizard Duo Small fits from 8-18 lbs, which was great for me. I used disposables for the first few weeks of my second child's life while I reacquainted with having a newborn at home. By the time I was ready to use cloth diapers, the small’s were a perfect fit and weren’t much more noticeable under clothes than a disposable diaper! I did have a few One Size Wizard Unos that did work well for when we were out and about, but I had to plan outfits to allow for the extra bulk.

I was able to use the Small Duo covers and inserts for longer than I thought I’d be able to - until about 12 months – at which point I switched to the One Size Duo covers and inserts.  

The two sizes were also nice because there was less wear and tear on both sets of covers and inserts, which prolonged their use for future children.

If you do choose to use a One Size system only, there are a few different things you can do to make fitting clothes over a cloth diaper easier:

  • Buy bum pants, which are typically a grow-with-me style and have an extra circle of fabric at the bum to accommodate fluff. These kinds of pants are available on platforms such as Etsy. Or, you can size up in pants, roll up the legs if they are too long, and/or look for alternatives to skinny jeans or leggings.
  • You can also use onesie extenders. These are a rectangle of fabric that snaps into a onesie. These make it possible for onesies to extend over a cloth diaper and allow for you to not have to size up if the onesie otherwise fits. Something else you can do is look for shirts instead of onesies though this can be a little difficult when babies are young.

No matter if you decide to use a sized or One Size system, it really isn’t too hard to find clothes that fit over cloth diapers. It’s really not any different than having to size up if your baby is on the chunky side and doesn’t fit into the ‘age-appropriate’ size.

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