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A Guide to Wet Bags for Cloth Diapers

A Guide to Wet Bags for Cloth Diapers

A wet bag is a cloth diapering necessity. Small enough to stuff inside your diaper bag, a wet bag is the ideal storage solution for those soiled diapers when you’re on the go. They are usually made from PUL fabric (just like your diaper cover) thus, waterproof, so they assure that the other contents of your diaper bag stay dry. They can also be quite useful in a variety of situations even after your diapering days are over.

I’ve seen large hanging wet bags used for dirty diaper storage – Can I do that?

There are wet bags that are large enough in size to hold a few days’ worth of dirty diapers before wash day. They can be conveniently hung from your baby’s change table, and don’t take up floor space as a diaper pail would and as such seem like a great alternative. However, these bags are not the best choice for dirty diaper storage because they do not allow any air to flow inside the bag when zipped shut. Without any airflow inside, the warm, wet environment that the dirty diapers have created will cause bacteria to grow rapidly. This will make the diapers very hard to get clean in your wash cycle. And if left open, the room will smell of soiled diapers – not ideal. For dirty diaper storage, a Mother-ease Diaper Pail is the best answer.  

You also want to avoid washing these large wet bags with your diaper laundry, as diapers can easily get stuck inside the bag if left open, or the bag can wrap around the diapers in the wash.  Because the wet bag is made of a waterproof material, water and detergent will not be able to penetrate the bag and wash the caught diapers.

If you do choose to use a large, hanging wet bag, it is recommended that you turn the bag inside out and wash it separately from your diapers.

Unlike large wet bags that hold a few days’ worth of diapers, smaller wet bags that are tossed inside the diaper bag can be washed with your diaper laundry. Simply turn them inside out and make sure to partially zip the bag closed to ensure no diapers work their way inside.

Mother-ease wet bags are essential to cloth diapering for a reusable, portable dirty diaper storage option. Just ensure that they are being used and washed appropriately so that they don’t cause problems with your diaper wash!


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