Don't Stand for Leaky Cloth Diapers

Don't Stand for Leaky Cloth Diapers

Don't Stand for Leaky Cloth Diapers

We asked cloth diapering parents to tell us why they wanted to try our diapers.

While we received a lot of answers, we expected things like:

" I don't like all the waste of disposables"

"Considering an eco-friendly alternative that is easy to use"

"Cloth is good for the baby and the environment"


But the number one reason we heard, was frustration with the family's current brand because of leaks.

"I'm currently using pocket diapers and having some leakage issues and wondering if there is something better out there"


"I'm frustrated with my current brand, they constantly leak! I'm willing to be proven wrong!"


I had heard a lot of great things about Mother-ease, but didn't want to buy more products since I already had my stash of prefolds and covers figured out for my newborn..."


That last one is one we hear a lot. Parents invest in a cloth diapering system that doesn't work and decide it's better to give up than to spend more money trying to find a diaper that works. That's why we have worked so hard for more than 25 years to produce a quality product that will not leak.

"We tried pocket diapers for a short time and gave up after a couple of months. I think it has a lot to do with the materials."

- LeeAnn

When you touch a Mother-ease cover you feel the difference between our custom-crafted material and the material most companies use. 

You will also notice a difference in our design. We don't make pocket diapers for a reason. We value our commitment to making leak-free solutions for parents. In the end, no matter how cute or trim the diaper, if it doesn't work parents will be frustrated. We want to make it easy for families to stick with cloth diapers. 

"Need to find a solution for my heavy wetter that won't leak".


You might be surprised to find out we also hear this one a lot! It seems it's not so much an issue of an unusually heavy wetter, but perhaps diapers that just aren't up to the task.

If you have a heavy wetter contact us or send us a note on our live chat during business hours and we can help find a solution for you.

"Current brand always leaks at night. I tried every brand and insert combo imaginable and my son's pajamas and bed always wet in the morning."

-Michelle named our Sandy's fitted 'The Legend for Overnight'. We strongly believe your cloth diaper should stand up as long as your baby sleeps. Our Sandy's fitteds are the most popular, but our Wizard Duo with a nighttime insert will work just as well and are a more convenient option.

"I just had my second child and with two in cloth I'd like a simpler, more affordable system that doesn's have to be changed every hour".


Who would want to change their baby every hour? That goes back to leak issues.While we recommend you change your baby as soon as you know they've soiled their diaper (because who wants to sit in a soiled diaper?) we have heard from moms and dads that if they're out and about and end up leaving a Mother-ease diaper on for hours, they don't have to worry about changing the entire outfit.

"I love simplicity and trusted brands that are made in North America. Easy to wash and keep clean!"


We are committed to manufacturing our products in North America. It gives us complete control over the quality which, as we mentioned, is our top priority!

Leave us a note about why you love your Mother-ease diapers in the comments! We love hearing from our happy customers :)

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