Mother-ease One Size Uno Review

Mother-ease One Size Uno Review

Mother-ease One Size Uno Review

Mother-ease One Size Uno Review

New momma, Kate, reviews our One Size All in One courtesy of The Nappy Lady - one of our UK retailers!

Mother ease Uno Review Kate

Hi I'm Katie, mum to my small-but-mighty 16lb 9 monster called Edward.

EdwardAs a lower budget nappy user (the majority of my stash are Little Lambs BTP pockets) I feel quite privileged to have tried the Wizard Uno. I can see currently on the Nappy Lady website these are retailing at £21.99. I've never tried an AIO nappy, my experience is limited to pockets, pre-folds & shaping Muslins using the Jo Fold when my little boy was much smaller.

When the nappy arrived I was very excited. One of the things I have always loved about cloth nappies is their appearance: so darn cute! I received the cactus print ones. A fine addition to my stash that has grown not out of necessity but out of love for cute prints!

The nappy is poppered rather than velcro. I have some Mother-ease wraps that I use with our night time Tots Bots Bamboozles but these are velcro. I guess its personal preference but I actually prefer the poppered nappies. It feels like they'll have a longer life without becoming all bobbled. Also as a bubble-wrap-appreciator they very much appeal to my obsessive side! It comes with info about how to alter the size of this nappy, its actually very similar to our Little Lambs in configuration.

The leaflet describes the nappy as "grandparent friendly & nursery friendly." My mum was staying and she confirmed that it was very easy to use. We haven't yet experienced using cloth at nursery - though I have been assured that they will use them, even if they insist on placing them in disposable nappy bags (facepalm) so I can't comment on this yet!

Granted my little boy isn't as wriggly as some of his peers but I found the nappy easy to put on & fasten. I guess with more of a wriggler a velcro fastening might be easier. The fabric felt lovely & soft and kind of "solid" in the construction of the nappy.

Edward has become more of a heavy wetter since starting weaning. Usually I've had to add more boosters (3 in total) to our Little Lambs to avoid leaks around the tops of the legs. We had a feed-sleep in this nappy, so accidentally hit the 4 hour mark & no leaks: which is very impressive. I also decided to try it for night-time wear. Correct me if I'm wrong but I believe the website states that its not suitable for this, but it was mentioned in the product leaflet. I did boost with one of our Little Lamb triple ply boosters. We did an 8pm to 6am stint with no leaks (sadly not the case in terms of wake-ups, sad face) so that was good.

I was quite impressed with the ease of washing. The booster that comes with the nappy comes out automatically in the wash. The washing instructions state that they can be tumble dried but I prefer to play it safe & let them air dry. The nappy dried much quicker than I was expecting.

Would I buy some more? The nappies are really good. To be honest they're only a few pounds more than the Mio Bambinos in my stash. Perhaps if you have a bit more to spend the cost is offset by the birth-to-potty nature & the longevity of use of the poppers, which would hopefully allow their use for subsequent babies.

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