Testimonial Tuesday - Mother-ease Diapers Really Last!

Testimonial Tuesday - Mother-ease Diapers Really Last!

Testimonial Tuesday - Mother-ease Diapers Really Last!

Testimonial Tuesday

Testimonial Tuesday - Mother ease Diapers Really Last

Mother-ease Diapers Really Last!

I bought a bunch of used Mother-ease diapers when my 3rd baby was born. Bought a smattering of other diapers new, including some Mother-ease and other major (expensive) name-brand diapers.

After my 3rd baby potty-trained, I put them all away until my next baby was born 4 years later... the other expensive brand name diapers I had bought new were all SHOT - all the PUL delaminated and all the elastic completely disintegrated. We won't name any brand names but these were major main brand diapers and had seen VERY little use because I always liked my MEs better! The Mother-ease were awesome and went through yet another child - both the used and the new ones I had purchased. All the diapers, the covers, and the all-in-ones were awesome.

Ironically, the "china cheapy" diapers I had also bought held up great in storage too... but were never as bulletproof as the Mother-ease so they weren't my faves either.



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  • I can attest to this. I was a bit of a diaper collector with my second. (Over 100 diapers lol) I had a variety of expensive diapers including all in ones and.pockets. I stored the diapers for 6 years because I hoped to have another baby. I ended up deciding to sell. All the elastics on the name brand diapers were shot. The pul wasn’t in good condition. The mother ease one size fitteds, Sandy’s fitteds and whisper wraps were nearly as good as knew. I sadly parted with the diapers thinking how if I ever have another baby I will be strictly getting motherease.

    Caroline McConnell on

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