Testimonial Tuesday - What "Leak Free" is all about!

Testimonial Tuesday - What "Leak Free" is all about!

Testimonial Tuesday - What "Leak Free" is all about!

Testimonial Tuesday!

What "Leak Free" is all about!


Dear Mother-ease,

You have allowed me to keep cloth diapering! I say this because I was ready to give up on cloth. Being a previously disposable family I had lots of those chemical solutions around. But, getting chemicals off of my families bodies is something that is important to me. My previous experience with cloth diapers has been complicated, very time consuming and filled with leakage, wet baby skin and laundry. Never the less I was trying my best to stick with it because I was proud to be able to keep diaper waste out of the landfills. After one day of trying the Mother-ease Wizard Duo I was hooked. I was told I would be able to take my daughter out shopping for a couple hours without the need for a diaper change due to wetness. They were right! Multiple hours and 2 car seat rides without hunting for a bathroom was wonderful, and her skin was dry! Next I was told this style of diaper would also do her through the night… this one I would have to test for myself. They were right, of course! The design of the diaper has even my husband using them which is something new. It is very easy to see that these wonderful diapers were designed by a mother! They are a functional and a very well thought out product. Babies were kept in mind with the exceptional fit and stay dry technology. It has been a pleasure to deal with Mother-ease - fantastic customer care!

Thank you for introducing me to what “Leak Free” cloth diapering is all about.

Lindsay K.

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