Mother ease Night Time All in Two Diaper Review

Mother ease Night Time All in Two Diaper Review

Mother-ease Night Time All in Two Diaper Review


Nancy from Mom's Little Feat took the time to review our Wizard Duo Night Time Diaper! You can read more from her on mom life and cloth diapering here.



Recently my Mom sent me a picture of her beautiful home garden.

Blooming buds, colourful shades of pink, red and green looked refreshing to my eyes. Therefore, despite various failed attempts, I decided to grow some plants. I went to a neighbouring home garden store and asked for plants which require little to no maintenance. I picked up few tiny succulents and ever since I’m a sucker for these plants. If there is one thing that I’m obsessing as much as cloth diapers, that would be these teensy little plants. Obviously, in an effort to quench my two fetishes, I looked for succulent themed cloth diapers. My eyes fell on Mother-ease new Fashionables print, Arizona. I instantly got in touch with Mother-ease and they sent me their OS Wizard Duo night time insert and Cover to try.
Let’s talk about Mother-ease Cloth diapers. I’m sure every cloth diapering momma has come across this spectacular brand. Mother-ease cloth diapers have been in the industry since 1991 (They are almost my age!). Their Air flow covers in rainbow colors and workhorse fitted’s stood the test of time and are legendary. I have been on the lookout for some bulletproof night time solutions and every single time, my research would lead me to Mother-ease fitted diapers. But I fear fitted diapers. Don’t ask me why I don’t feel conformable using them so I kept putting away my desire to try Mother-ease. But when their new Fashionables line of prints hit the social media, I was drooling over the Arizona print and also discovered their Wizard Duo diapers.


Wizard Duo Cover:

Mother-ease Wizard Duo cover comes in One-size as well as in sizeable options. It’s obvious which one I choose. You guessed it right! I grabbed the OS cover to review. As soon as I opened the package I fell in love with the cover. Let’s stop right here and talk about the cover. The cover feels so light, silky and soft. For a second, I had doubts whether it was PUL material. Because it feels nothing like any of my other covers I own. It feels more like a piece of clothing and less like PUL. And the print! It is probably my most coveted print. I loved it so much that I’ve amassed matching onesie, bib, and a beanie. I may or may not found something for me in the same print. The features of this cover are very distinguishable. The cover has 3 rows of adjustable rise snaps, double row of waist and leg snaps to stagger the fit, a lower hip snap to prevent the wings from drooping. The cover has some extra snaps (front & back) that snaps into the Wizard Duo insert. The leg elastics features a salient casing around, which means there are no red marks or intends even after snapping this diaper tight.


Mom's-Little-Feat-Duo-InsertWizard Duo Night Time Insert:

My first thought after looking at this insert was, “there is no way that something this trim can hold all the pee all night”. Honestly, it didn’t appeal to me as overnight material. I apathetically changed Little Miss to her pajamas and put her on Mother-ease Wizard Duo night time diaper, expecting a diaper change in the middle of that night. Little Miss is a heavy soaker, she nurses 4 or more times at night. I am a lazy parent. I’m not the kind of Mom who rushes to change the diapers first thing in the morning. Sometimes I do, Sometimes my brain is entangled in a toddler tornado. That day, when we tried Mother-ease Night time Wizard duo, was one the latter days, where Little Man kept fogged my mind and I had left her in the diaper for 10 full hours. Once I realized, I rushed to her, feeling bad for leaving my Little girl to sit on her soaked pajamas. To my surprise, that wasn’t the case. This diaper was completely soaked, but I didn’t notice any leaks or wicking. Even though the diaper was completely soaked, the inserts don’t bunch and Little Miss didn’t seem to be uncomfortable. The stay dry layer on top was quick to wick the wetness away and didn’t leave here feeling like she was sitting in the pool of pee.


I was psyched.

This diaper passed the night time test with Little Miss, now it was Little Man’s turn. Little Man turned 2 past July, is around 20 lbs. I was pumped to see how this diaper performed with him. I changed the rise to the middle setting and left it on the table. Just as I was going to change him, the chronicles of Little Miss’s nighttime wailing begun. I went to nurse and put her down to bed. I had dozed off with her and Little Man slept with his dad. Since this was a new diaper for my husband, I thought he wouldn’t have figured it out and therefore would have put Little Man in a disposable that night. When I changed him in the morning there were 3 surprises – 1. My husband did actually put him on the Mother-ease night time diaper, he forgot to snap the insert to the cover though. 2. In spite of him, not adhering to the proper snapping techniques, there were no leaks. 3. I found poop – Little Man is a champion pooper and this diaper held it all in like a pro. I fell in love with diaper even more when I went to spray the poop off. This diaper cleans so easily and well. Snap out the insert, spray the insert & cover and throw it in the pail. Easy Peasy! No pockets or layers to hunt down where poop could be hiding. I tried it again with Little Man, just to make sure he wasn’t holding the all the pee till morning and flooding the diaper at once. The diaper though heavily saturated, still hasn’t leaked. Because the diaper itself is relatively trim, I can add a couple of boosters beneath the insert, if I feel the need to amp up the absorbency by a few ounces.


What I Love:

  • Canadian Made: There is a special place for Canadian made products in my heart and diaper stash. I love to support local businesses and sometimes it's hard to consciously make that choice without breaking the bank. So, brands like Mother-ease, that combine quality with affordability deserve to be put in the limelight.
  • The Design: Is it a fitted diaper? Is it an All in Two or an All in One? It's hard to describe. The insert covers the entire area of the cover, like a fitted diaper. The cover and inserts are a two piece diapering system, like an AI2. Snap the insert into the cover, it all molds into a single piece diaper, like an AIO. I think, Mother-ease Wizard Duo took the best out of all other diapering systems and created a unique design that works wonderfully well.
  • Stay DryTop: Stay Dry is crucial criteria for me when choosing night time diapers. I want my kids to be comfortable (Read: I don’t want any mid-night tossing and turning due to feeling wet). The AWJ (Athletic wicking jersey) fabric is becoming more and more popular stay dry option and for good reasons.I must say I’m loving the AWJ material better than traditional micro-fleece.
  • Cost: Let’s do the math (my fav part). For a complete set of night time diapers, you would need 3 inserts and a cover. You can hand wash and air dry the cover for next use. This would cost you a total of 90 CAD which averages out to 30 dollars per night. Honestly, for an over night diaper that is Canadian made, this is a steal.

What I would love to see: 

My only concern with Mother-ease inserts is possible long term ammonia build up. This is a common issue with all night time diapers. The issue is even more pronounced with inserts that are completely sewn together. An opening at the front/back, for water to stream into the diaper, would have been a nice feature to add, to ensure all the fabric layers are getting washed properly.


Mother-ease Wizard Duo night time insert & cover has become a staple in our night time cloth diapering stash. They are very easy to adjust and work brilliantly with both my kids. I am positive that this diaper will last until both of them are potty trained. If you are having trouble with finding a suitable night time solution, then you might want to try this combo. 

I received this product to facilitate this review. I only share my honest opinions with you.

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