Tired of Dealing with Blowouts?

Tired of Dealing with Blowouts?

Tired of Dealing with Blowouts?

Tired of Dealing with Blowouts? 


Almost every parent has had the awful experience of dealing with a baby blowout. You know, that time when your little one has not only soiled their diaper, but the poop has exploded right up and out the back or through the leg openings of the diaper. That cute little outfit can't be salvaged, and in the worst instances, it has seeped through onto whatever your baby is sitting on.

Why do blowouts happen? It's an easy answer: It's all in the diapers you use. Here is what to look for to avoid the stress and mess of a blowout:

Choose the right diaper size

Sometimes, a blowout is simply the result of a diaper that just doesn't fit right. One-size diapers usually have separate snaps for the waist and legs, so it ensures that there are no gaps for poop to leak out. That being said, one-size diapers are designed to fit a baby at 35 lbs, so they may not be the ideal fit for your newborn. We suggest investing in a set of newborn cloth diapers to use until your baby has grown into the one-size. 

Stay away from super slim-fitting diapers

We know that overly slim-fitting diapers are more fashionable under your baby's leggings or skinny jeans, but they will not contain those messy blowouts. To best avoid leakage, bigger is better. A fuller cut diaper with more coverage will give you the best defense against blowouts. Remember, if your baby poops while sitting, that mess will squish sideways and up, and if that diaper isn't covering as much as possible, it's messing up that trendy outfit!

It's all in the elastic

If the elastic in your cloth diaper isn't tight around those little baby legs, a blowout is pretty much unavoidable. Unfortunately, many cloth diaper manufacturers use elastic that will wear out before your baby is out of diapers, meaning the diaper will no longer fit snugly. Look for a cloth diaper with elastic that has a lifetime guarantee. After all, if the elastic wears and the diaper leaks, what's the point?

With the right cloth diaper, you can avoid blowouts altogether. Find the diaper that best fits your baby with the most coverage and not only will you have a happy and clean baby, but happy parents and clean clothes too!

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