Welcome to the Cloth Diapering Expert Series!

Welcome to the Cloth Diapering Expert Series!

Welcome to the Cloth Diapering Expert Series!

Welcome to the Cloth Diapering Expert Series!


Welcome to the first issue of the Mother-ease Cloth Diapering Expert Series! I am so excited to be able to provide you with all of the tips, tricks and insider information you will be getting from me over the next few weeks. I can't wait to share my knowledge and educate the next generation of Cloth Diapering Experts all around the world.

Your new baby will bring a lot of changes to your home and lifestyle, particularly if this is your first baby, but also even if it's your second, third or even sixth baby! There will be an adjustment period as you get to know one another. As new parents, we tend to anticipate and over-think what we need to be ready when the baby comes. We get all kinds of advice from well-intentioned family and friends. What we need to keep in mind is that life is easier when you don't over-complicate or clutter it. Try to keep things simple, it will free up your time so you can spend it doing what you believe is best for your family.

Cloth diapering is a growing trend, but chances are no one you know even uses cloth diapers. Or, those that have don't recommend them. Regardless, you may still feel that cloth diapering is something you want to investigate and know more about. Somehow, you need to cipher through all of the information available and decide for yourself what the right diapering system is for you and your baby.

Meet the Mother-ease Expert

Erika-Froese-Mother-ease-FounderI am Erika Froese, founder, and co-owner of Mother-ease. With over 30 years experience in the use and design of cloth diapers, I can confidently say that I am a proven source of knowledge relating to the use, care, and design of cloth diapering systems.

I am the mother of 5 (now adult) boys and the grandmother of 8 (and counting) beautiful grandchildren, giving me over 33 years of cloth diapering experience. Of course, cloth diapers have changed over the years, but I'd like to claim responsibility for many of those changes.

When I began cloth diapering my own children, I was unhappy with the options available. So I used the knowledge I gathered from years of cloth diapering to fix the flaws everyone just seemed to accept. I educated myself in what is required of a cloth diaper to make it user-friendly, what properties of fabric and its technology contribute to quality diapers and created functional leak-free designs that work. After doing my research and patenting my own designs, we opened Mother-ease in 1991.

What you can expect from the Expert Series

It is my pledge to fully equip you for a successful cloth diapering routine. Our Expert Series will help you better understand all aspects of cloth diapering, from why you should choose cloth over disposables, how cloth diapers really work, and how to care for your cloth diapers to maximize their life expectancy. 

When we are through, you too will be an expert! I will make sure you are fully prepared to make the best choice for you and your precious new baby. And for those of you who have already opted for cloth, I'm sure you will learn some helpful tips to make your routine even easier!

Before I close, there is something I want you to keep in mind about diapering. Your baby is going to spend a lot of time in diapers. In fact, your baby will spend all of their time in diapers for the first 2 1/2 years of their life! You may spend a lot of money on the crib or the car seat or the stroller, but nothing will be used as much as their diapers. Diapers are what your baby will wear from the moment they're born, until the day they're potty trained. They don't have to be cloth, they can be disposable. But when you stop to consider just how much time your baby will be wearing diapers, it's worthwhile spending some time to research and carefully consider what is going to work best for you and your new baby.

Once you decide which diaper system you want to use, you will quickly work out a routine that will be as natural to you as falling in love and caring for your new baby.

Be sure to watch the blog for the next issue of the Mother-ease Expert series, coming soon! Or click here to get blog notifications sent right to your email, so you know as soon as the next issue is available, and have it in your inbox so that you can refer back whenever you need to!

Next Issue: Why Cloth Diapering.

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