The Mother-ease Difference

The Mother-ease Difference

The Mother-ease Difference

The Mother-ease Difference

We're taking your Frequently Asked Questions from doing online research on cloth diapering, and using our 25+ years of experience to give you the Mother-ease answers!

Mother-ease Difference. FAQ

1) I've read everywhere that cloth diapers need to be prepped before use by washing upwards of 8 times in order to make them absorbent, is this true?

A) At Mother-ease, we custom knit our own fabrics for our cloth diapers that do not require prepping. This ensures that they absorb right away, and are super absorbent, so adding in multiple boosters isn't necessary. 

2) What temperature should I be washing my diapers/covers at? I am getting such conflicting information online. Will hot water ruin my diapers?

A) Mother-ease diapers are designed to withstand hot water washes. You need a minimum water temperature of 140F / 60C to kill bacteria, and your cloth diapers are laden with it! Detergent also works best with hot water, so this will ensure that your diapers will come out fully clean.

3) I've heard using a wet pail will ruin the elastics in my cloth diapers. Is this true?

A) Mother-ease uses only the highest quality elastics, and because of that, we offer a lifetime warranty on them! A wet pail method is a great way to minimize staining on your diapers and will not affect your Mother-ease diapers at all.

4) Can I wash my wet bag with my cloth diapers?

A) We do not recommend washing your wet bag and your diapers together. This is because your wet bag will take up a lot of space in the drum of your washer and diapers could get caught inside. Because your wet bag is completely waterproof, no water or detergent can pass through and clean those diapers that are caught. We recommend washing your wet bag with your normal clothing wash.

5) A lot of information out there tells me I should use only about half the recommended amount of detergent when I'm washing my cloth diapers. Is this true? What about using eco-brand or homemade detergent?

A) Always use the detergent manufacturer's recommended amount of detergent when washing your cloth diapers. Low dosing will not get your cloth diapers clean enough. There is a recommended amount for a reason. Eco-brand "boutique" detergents and homemade remedies often do not have the proper cleaning strength to clean bacteria-laden cloth diapers. This, of course, depends on the hardness of your water, etc. Our 25+ years of cloth diapering experience has led us to implement a detergent disclaimer in our Care Guide as we have had personal experience and customer complaints of issues with specific boutique brand detergents. We recommend using a commercially available detergent brand such as Tide Free and Gentle or Ivory Snow.

6) Can I dry my cloth diapers in the dryer, or will that cause them to deteriorate quickly?

A) You can put your Mother-ease cloth diapers in the dryer on a medium heat setting. We do recommend you hang dry your covers or you can tumble dry them on low. Hang drying your diaper covers will prolong their longevity, and they dry very quickly so it's not usually an inconvenience. 

7) Every cloth diapering blog I read tells me to create a diaper stash of different brands to find one that works best for my baby's shape. This seems like a lot of R&D, I just want to buy a package that works.

A) If you're choosing to cloth diaper because it's more economical than disposables, why would you want to buy a bunch of diapers to try and then choose one to go with? Seems like a lot of over-spending to me. Choose a diaper company that manufactures well-designed diapers that fit babies! Not skinny babies, or chunky babies, or heavy wetters, etc. Just babies all around. And then invest in a package. One purchase, one time. And if treated well, you could continue to use the same set of diapers for your next child! (see our testimonials!)

8) Can I just use a trash can with a wet bag for my soiled diapers? It seems a lot cheaper, and I've read that it's sufficient. 

A) Soiled cloth diapers are laden with bacteria, it's no secret. Storing those bacteria-laden cloth diapers in a garbage pail, lid on and in a waterproof bag will create a prime breeding ground for more bacteria to grow, and your diapers to become super stinky and difficult to launder. We recommend using a Mother-ease cloth diaper pail that allows air to circulate to keep the bacteria and smell down. Plus, the natural carbon filter in the lid keeps any smells from bothering guests using your bathroom! You could skip the lid, but keep in mind once your little one becomes a curious toddler (or if you have any pets/dogs), the diaper pail will become a playground. 

9) It seems silly to have to find a daytime and a nighttime diaper. Is there not a diaper I can use for both?

A) This is something we have customers coming to us to solve all the time. Yes, cloth diapers should be able to be used for day and night. Mother-ease cloth diapers are all leak-free day and night time solutions, regardless of the level of "wetter" you have.

Making the decision to join the cloth diapering community can be stressful with all the different information available online. But it doesn't have to be. If you have any questions about cloth diapering reach out to us! We're always happy to help!

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