One Size™ Diaper Trial Package


Our One Size™ Trial Package allows parents an opportunity to experience our one-size fitted diapering system.

Trial Package Includes:

Limit of 1x One Size™ Trial Package per family.

The One Size Fitted Diaper was our very FIRST cloth diaper we set to manufacture - creating the first and most popular diaper that adjusts to grow with your child until potty training age!

The generous design allows plenty of room for growth while using a gentle elastics around the waist and legs to ensure a comfortable leak-free fit.

Time tested, and with only one size needed the One Size Fitted offers you the very best value.

The Air Flow Cover is a lightweight, breathable waterproof fitted diaper cover. Available in 5 sizes, the Air Flow fits over top of our One Size and Sandy's fitted diapers.

It features adjustable snaps at both the waist and legs for a secure, tamper-proof fit. Gaps between the snap closures increases air flow, which helps regulate the temperature inside the diaper!

Combine the One Size Fitted Diaper with our Air Flow Covers for a complete leak-free diapering system all day long! For nights, Add one Snap-in-Absorbent Liner to boost your absorbency for 12+ hours!

Learn how to adjust the One Size Diaper here: Folding Instructions


Newborn + Small sizes Medium + sizes
[snaps towards waist front design]
[snaps towards waist back design]


Note: Fitted Diapers require the use of a waterproof diaper cover. Mother-ease recommends using the Air Flow (snap) or Rikki Wrap (Velcro) Covers to be worn over top, creating a leak-free diapering system.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Athena B.
No leaks... what!!

I was introduced to these types of diapers from my sister. So I tried them with my little girl. It is so easy doing cloth diapers I love it. I have since bought my supply of them to use for all our kids. I really like the new cover patterns. I also love how easy the instructions are with cleaning. But most importantly I really love how they do not leak! Moms at my mom group could not believe me when I was telling them about that point. Plus they are CANADIAN!!

Excellent for Overnight

By chance, the mother-ease air flow covers became our go to for overnight diapers. They will fit over whatever huge diaper sandwich we create. I only dislike that they are sized and thus one needs to buy more diapers over time. The one size fitted is excellent. I love that you only need to prep it once. Only complaint is that I would like it to be without snaps so that you could use a snappi. Snaps are difficult on a rolly-polly almost toddler.

Great diaper cover!!

Very satisfied with diaper and the cover. Cover especially, i feel confident it will go through the night...:) Happy with the product

Very good diaper!

I enjoyed the opportunity to try out your diapers. The one size diaper is great, dries quickly, contains very good a poo and is very absorbent! We love it! The cover is really easy to put and has never leaked!

beautifull diaper

I am extremely happy with your diapers! beautiful, soft and comfortable for my baby! especially for night use, because it does not leave any marks on the skin! Covers are excellent too! I'm sure I will continue to order them and for a long time use!