Sandy's Trial Package


Our Sandy's Trial Package allows parents an opportunity to experience our sized fitted diapering system before investing in a larger package.

Trial Package Includes:

Limit of 1x Sandy's Trial Package per family.

Learn more about the Sandy's Fitted Diapering system

The Sandy's Fitted Diaper is world-famous for its great absorbency, leak-proof design and ease of washing!

Two fabric options:

Available in Natural Cotton Terry for comfort and a great fit with a full set of elastics, around the waist and both legs. Finished with a serged design.

NEW - with a Stay Dry inner! Stay Dry on Cotton features our well-known Natural Cotton Terry Sandy's fitted diaper, finished with our popular Stay Dry fabric inside to keep baby feeling comfortable especially for naps and night time!  Available in newborn, small and large and Toddle-ease.