Tea Towel Test

The Tea Towel Test is a simple method to test the laminate layer of your diaper cover:

What you need:

  • 2 Clean dry tea towels or flats/prefolds. Must be a flat absorbent cloth.
  • Suspected cover
  • A clean dry surface which won't be affected by water eg a kitchen counter

How to do it:

  • Firstly get the wrap which you are concerned about and make sure it is clean and dry
  • Lay one of the clean dry tea towels onto a flat surface that won't be affected if it gets wet (a kitchen counter for example)
  • Place the open cover on the tea towel 
  • Get the second clean dry tea towel and fold it into a rectangle that will easily sit inside the cover away from the edges and bindings
  • Wet the folded tea towel, but not so that it is dripping.  If it's dripping, it won't be a fair test as the water could just drip or roll off of the cover/edges
  • Place the damp folded tea towel inside the cover you are testing Remember it MUST be away from the edges and NOT dripping
  • Leave for 30mins
  • After 30mins if the clean dry tea towel under the cover is damp at all, then your PUL has failed as water is getting through the PUL membrane. The cover can't be saved so should be removed from your diaper system.  If the tea towel is still dry, your PUL is intact and PUL failure is not the reason for your leaks
Correct Tea Towel TestIncorrect Tea Towel Test