Ask Erika - Red Marks from Cloth Diapers

Ask Erika - Red Marks from Cloth Diapers

Ask Erika - Red Marks from Cloth Diapers

Ask Erika - Red Marks


We are using the Wizard Duo system with the medium perfect size cover which should fit my son at 23 lbs according to your website, but the cover is too tight and leaving red marks on his thighs. Am I doing something wrong?


A little redness (pressure marks from the elastics) is completely normal. You and I get these from our undergarments as well and aren't bothered by it. The Wizard line was designed to be a snug fitting diaper, in order to have the nice trim fit that it does. We recommend with each diaper change to move where the elastic sits on their thighs to allow the marks to dissipate. 

The reason we do not use a super soft fabric binding (like most other diaper companies) is because it wicks moisture to the outside of the diaper, causing leaks and rendering it useless. Mother-ease uses a nylon binding that does not wick moisture, which is why our covers are leak-free!

As I said above, the light redness/indentation is normal, and will not harm your baby or cause them discomfort in any way. If the redness becomes darker and does not dissipate after the diaper change, there would be some sort of problem. This could be caused by a number of factors:

  • The elastics aren't being moved with each diaper change
  • A reaction to the detergent being used
  • The detergent not fully being rinsed out of the cover
  • The cover has been reused too many times, and the old urine that is in the binding is causing a reaction
  • (the most common) The diaper was worn too loosely and thus rubbing against their legs

If this is the case, you will need to give your baby some naked time to allow the dark marks to go away completely before using the diaper and cover again. Once this has completely cleared up, your baby will be clear to use the diaper and cover again. You will also want to re-wash your diapers again with a good routine (see our Washing 101 blog) or sanitize your diapers once before using them again if it is a detergent or washing issue.

Be sure that you are using each diapering system properly, as our Sandy's diaper and Air Flow cover were designed to be a looser fitting system, and our Wizard line is designed to fit snug on your baby. Often if we get complaints about diapers leaking, it's because it's not situated properly around the baby. Do not hesitate to snap tat diaper on nice and snug on your baby! We would not manufacture a diapering system that would cause discomfort to your precious little ones! 😊

If you have a question you would like answered, contact us! We're happy to help!


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