Cloth Diapers + The Importance of Elastics

Cloth Diapers + The Importance of Elastics

Cloth Diapers + The Importance of Elastics

Mother ease Cloth Diapers and the Importance of Elastics

One of the most underrated components of cloth diapers are the elastics. Sure, everyone wants the trimmest fit and the trendiest print, but what about ensuring your diaper is made with quality materials?

Elastics are a crucial component of making an effective cloth diaper. Without them, you don't have the adjustability or containment needed. This is especially important with the growing trend of One Size cloth diapers. You will want to look for a cloth diaper that has a sufficient amount of elastics to ensure that the diaper will gently hug your baby's bottom all over and contain all the mess so you don't have to deal with messy leaks or blowouts!

All Mother-ease diaper systems have a double elasticized leg and waist (front + back) opening to stop leaks. When the diaper and cover are worn correctly, the diaper will perform perfectly! This also eliminates any gaps that would allow clothing (t-shirts + onesies) to poke inside and wick the wetness out. This is also the reason why our diaper covers do not require a double gusset - as all of our covers and inserts/fitted diapers are fully elasticized. 

Not only do you want to look at the amount of elastics that are used but also the longevity of the elastics. When you make an investment in cloth diapering, you are usually expecting to use the same set of cloth diapers for more than one child, but this will not be possible if your diaper elastics dry out or relax and thus rendering the diaper ineffective for baby number two.

Mother-ease offers a lifetime warranty on our elastic (for the original owner - see our warranty) for the usable life of the diaper. However, in the 27 years that we have been in business, not one customer has ever had to use it! Mother-ease uses only the highest quality materials and our elastic is no exception. We use a synthetic elastic that is made specially for us that is latex-free and does not relax or dry out over time and therefore will never need to be replaced. You can even store our diapers using a wet pail method without harming the elastics!

There are many blogs on how to properly store your diapers so that the elastics will not relax or dry out, but that is not a solution. You should also never have to replace or repair your elastics in your cloth diapers. The fact that having to replace your elastics has become an acceptable practice in the cloth diapering community is absurd. You have enough on your plate as a new mama. You should be spending your time cuddling that sweet little baby, not learning how to sew elastics into your diapers. 

Consider this when making the investment into cloth diapers. Yes, you're saving money over using disposables, but your initial cloth investment is still substantial so put that money towards a cloth diapering system that is well-designed to fit all babies and made with quality materials and your family's needs in mind.


Written by: Melissa Froese

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