Mother-ease Wizard Duo Fitted Inserts

Mother-ease Wizard Duo Fitted Inserts

Mother-ease Wizard Duo Fitted Inserts

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Mother-ease's All-in-Two diapering system, the Wizard Duo, stands apart from all other AI2 cloth diapers because of our unique fitted insert. 

Our Wizard Duo Fitted Insert is fully elasticized and covers the inside of the waterproof Duo Cover, unlike other AI2 cloth diapers which usually have an oval-shaped snap in liner for absorbency. 

Why is this beneficial? Because our Fitted Insert is absorbent, fully elasticized and provides full coverage, we are able to use a PUL diaper cover to complete this AI2 system that has a wipeable inner. Having a wipeable inner on a diaper cover is imperative to being able to reuse your cover multiple times before having to launder, which makes our AI2 very economical as well as elongates the lifespan of the cover.

Our Wizard Duo Fitted Insert will keep all the poop where it should be - inside the absorbent diaper, and off the waterproof cover. The fully elasticized Fitted Insert acts as the first line of defence against leaks and blowouts, which is why our Duo Cover does not require a double gusset.

The Fitted Insert snaps inside our Duo Cover with 6 snaps, keeping the Duo Fitted Insert in place and spread apart - stopping any bunching and keeping your Duo Cover clean. It also has a fold and snap down rise to quickly adjust the length of the insert for smaller babies. 

Once the Duo Fitted Insert is snapped inside our waterproof Duo Cover, it becomes as easy to use as an All-in-One diaper! Talk about convenient and economical!



Our Wizard Duo Fitted Insert is available in 4 different fabric options:

Unbleached Cotton Terry - a natural fibre, so your baby will feel wet when they pee. Naturally absorbent and quick to dry.

Bamboo Terry - a natural fibre, so your baby will feel wet when they pee. Slightly more absorbent than our Cotton and as such, takes a little longer to dry. Velvety soft to the touch!

Stay Dry - made from 100% hypoallergenic polyester which has a great deal more technology incorporated! The Stay Dry material quickly wicks moisture into the core of the diaper and keeps your baby feeling completely dry in a wet diaper. Promotes healthier skin and reduces the chance of diaper rash. This fabric is harder to stain and launders very easily. It is also much more absorbent than the Cotton and Bamboo and dries as quickly as our Cotton!

Stay Dry Night - all the same qualities as our Stay Dry with an even more absorbent core! No need to add any absorbent boosters for night time, as this insert will give you 12+ hours leak free!



When you choose a Mother-ease cloth diaper, you're choosing a diaper that is proven to be designed for all babies, convenient for parents, and most importantly, 100% leak-free. The Wizard Duo All-in-Two cloth diaper is no exception. Designed with a Fitted Insert is just the kind of innovation that Erika Froese is known for - a product that works, period.

Mother-ease Cloth Diapers - simply the best, since 1991. 

Written by: Melissa Froese



  • I am wondering about the uno fabric. Does it have cotton as the absorbing fabric under the stay dry material? Or is it basically all synthetic? Thanks.

    Tara Czapla on

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