Cover revitalizer laying on pocket diaper

Cover Revitalizer and Leaking Pocket Diapers

Cover Revitalizer and Leaking Pocket Diapers

Frustrated with Leaky pocket diapers?

So, you invested in a bunch of pocket diapers however long ago, and now you’re experiencing regular leaking. You may be thinking that your baby is all of a sudden a heavy wetter, and you just need to add more absorbency or change more frequently.

This is likely not the case.

Time to throw them away then?


Re-waterproof with Mother-ease's Cover Revitalizer

Mother-ease’s Cover Revitalizer can have your pocket diapers performing like new (or even better) again! Hundreds of customers are already trying this and LOVE it!

Our Cover Revitalizer is a two-part eco-friendly waterproofing treatment that you can do at home in your washing machine and dryer to restore the performance of your diaper covers. You can also use this treatment on your pocket diapers; however, you will need to utilize your pocket diaper a little differently afterward.

This waterproofing treatment is applied in the washing machine, and therefore applies to the entirety of the diaper. Meaning the inside of your pocket diaper will now be water repellent instead of absorbent.

Read more about how our cover revitalizer works here.

So, instead of “stuffing” your absorbency inside the pocket of your diaper, you can simply lay it inside.

stuffed pocket diaper Revitalized Pocket Diaper

Your pocket diaper now acts as a waterproof cover alone, and the absorbent liners you’re laying on top are now the absorbent diaper portion of your system.

Mother-ease’s Sandy’s Absorbent Liner is a great choice to use inside. Simply lay 2 Sandy’s Absorbent Liners inside the pocket diaper, and close around your baby.

Our Sandy’s Liner is available in Natural Cotton or Stay Dry. The Stay Dry option will keep your baby’s skin dry to the touch which promotes healthy skin, reduces chance of diaper rash and is buttery smooth against baby’s bum. You can read more details about our fabrics here.

Revitalizing your pocket diapers will save you frustration with your leaks, and keeps more diapers out of the landfill! That’s what I call a win-win!

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