Large bag full of cloth diapers

Long-term Diaper Storage Between Children

Long-term Diaper Storage Between Children

One of the most attractive reasons to cloth diaper is the savings that come with being able to use the same diapers on multiple children.  My children ended up being 4 years apart, so I had to store my diapers for quite some time before needing to be used again.

Storing diapers for the next little one doesn’t require much, but one thing you don’t want to do is seal them in vacuum bags or any air-tight storage containers. These storage methods restrict air flow to the diapers and can cause any lingering odors to intensify.

If you follow the guidelines below, your diapers will be ready for a new bum when the time comes 😊

  1. The first thing you should do before putting your diapers away to wait for your next child is to put them through two hot washes; one with detergent to get them clean and the second without detergent to ensure the detergent has been fully rinsed out.
  2. If stains are bothersome to you, stains should also be removed before storing diapers as the stains will set in and be near impossible to get out at a later date. Laundry Magic is a great product to use for this step – it’s even gotten grease out of mechanic’s clothing!
  3. Make sure to thoroughly dry your diapers and/or inserts. This is a very important step, or you could have moldy diapers/inserts when you go to use them again.
  4. Finally, put everything in a breathable container like pillowcases, a canvas bag, cardboard boxes, or even our mesh pail liners if you have them. Be sure to store them in a cool, dry place. Again, if they are in a place with some moisture, you could find mold upon opening them up for your next child.

When it’s time to pull your cloth diapers out for a new bum, wash them as normal and they’ll be good to go!

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